Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Raub Hall Conference Room – 2:00p.m. – 4:00 p.m.




I.                    Old Business:


a.       Request for course changes required for major – BS HRIM (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)


b.      Delete BS major in Health and Physical Education (attachment) (email attachment 1-21-10)


c.       Revise major in Health and Physical Education (attachment)


d.      Class attendance policy (attachment)


e.       Request for a new MA program in Economics Education (attachment)  (attachment)  (attachment) (resolution doc)


f.        Request for a new PhD in Economics Education (attachment)  (attachment)  (attachment)


g.       Request to revise program requirements: MA in English – Comprehensive Exam (attachment)


h.       Request to create a new Master of Arts in Teaching degree – M.A.T. in Science Education (attachment)  (attachment)  (attachment) (resolution)


i.         Request for a new MD+MBA dual degree program (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)


j.        Request for revision to the MBA program (attachment) (attachment)


k.      Request for revisions to the MPA program (MPA Curriculum Proposed Chart and Revised Program Policy Statement – MA in HP and MPA changes final version – Faculty Senate Form) (attachment) (attachment)


l.         Request for a New Professional MAHP degree (attachment)


m.     Add a Master’s Degree and Certificate Program in Historic Preservation (attachment)  (attachment) (attachment) (attachment 3-16-10)


n.       new name for concentration in Public Nonprofit Management and Leadership to Human Services Leadership (attachment added 2/19/10)


o.      Request to revise 4+1 in BS and MS in Human Services Leadership concentration (attachment )


p.      Revisions to the Graduate Handbook in Human Development and Family Studies (handbook changes)


q.      Revise College Breadth Requirements for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources  (attachment)


r.        Request to revise BS/BIOC major requirements to be effective immediately (9)  (attachment)


s.       Request to add a new undergraduate academic policy: All UD Associate Degrees – Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Sciences (AS) (13) (attachment) 


t.        Request to revise BA Concentrations Three Languages (22)  (attachment)


u.       Request to add a major: concentration in Japanese Language Literature and Culture (24)  (attachment)


v.       Request to add a major: concentration in Chinese Language Literature and Culture (25) (attachment)


w.     Request for a revision to FLL – Secondary Education Programs – EDUC 400 (attachment)


x.       Request to revise concentration – BA Communication (attachment) (attachment 3-3-10)


y.       Request to add a new Major in Biomedical Engineering (BBE) (attachment) (revised email attachment) (resolution doc 3-5-10)


II.                 New Business: 


Graduate Studies

a.       Request for a name change to the MS Concentration to Human Services Leadership (attachment)


b.      Request to revise M.Ed. in Educational Technology  (attachment)


c.       Request for a Certificate Program in Biotechnology (attachment)


d.      Request for a Ph.D. in Nursing (attachment 3-16-10)  (attachment and resolution)


e.       Revision to the Master of Materials Science Engineering MMSE   (revised attachment 3-15-10)  (policy statement 3-15-10)


f.        Revision to the Ph.D. Materials Science  (attachment revised 3-15-10)  (policy statement 3-15-10)


g.       Request for a new 4+1 Accelerated Program 4+1 BS or BE/MMSE degree in Materials Science and Engineering (attachment) (attachment resolution)



                  Undergraduate Studies

a.       Revise Major and add Concentration in Engineering Technology



b.      Revise Major in Athletic Training (revised attachment) (attachment)

            (attachment support letter)


c,   Request to divide an existing academic department into two separate departments  (revised attachment) (resolution doc)


d.      Request to revise Medical Scholars Program (attachment)

(revised attachment) (revised attachment)


e.       Revise curriculum for the Bachelor of Environmental Engineering

(attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)


f.        Dean’s Council Proposal (attachment) (attachment) (resolution doc)


g.       Request to add a minor in Educational Technology   (attachment)

(revised attachment 3-8-10)


h.       Request to revise concentration – BA Communication (attachment) (attachment 3-3-10)


i.         Request for a change of Department  (attachment for move 3-8-10) (attachment resolution doc3-8-10)


j.        Request to allow NURSING 412, 413, 414 to meet curriculum requirements for NURS411 (attachment) (email attachment)


k.      Request to add concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences in the Human Services Major  (revised attachment 3-11-10)(attachment 3-11-10)


l.         Request to deactivate BS: Human Services, Education and Public Policy (attachment)


m.     Revision to the Animal and Food Science Major (attachment) (attachment 3-11-10


n.       Request to revise the College of Engineering Breadth Requirement Statement in UD Catalog (attachment) (attachment) (revised attachment)


o.      Spanish Studies Major revisions: Request to add options to the Spanish Studies Concentration (attachment 3-16-10)


p.      Request to revise Spanish Studies Minor  (attachment 3-8-10)


q.      Request to revise concentration in Administration and Family Policy in the Human Services Major (attachment) (attachment 3-16-10)


r.        Request to revise concentration in Clinical Services in the Human Services Major (attachment) (attachment 3-16-10)