University Faculty Senate Coordinating Committee on Education


January 13, 2012


1:00 – 3:00 p.m. – Elliott Hall Conference Room







I.                    Old Business:


II.                 New Business:

a.       Resolution concerning UD Admissions Policies (attachment)  (attachment)

b.      Resolution concerning certain provisions in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that affect decisions on faculty promotions and tenure (attachment)

c.       UGS 0111 - Disestablishment of the Southern Delaware Bachelor of Science in Education – Elementary Teacher Education Program   (attachment) (attachment)

d.      UGS -0112 – Revise Middle School Social Studies Concentration within the Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) major  (attachment revised 11-30-11)

e.       UGS0114-Revision to the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (attachment)

f.        UGS 0116 – Revision to the Accounting Major (attachment)

g.       UGS -0117 – Request to change the name of the Department of Food and Resources Economics (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)

h.       UGS-0118 – Revision to the Resource Economics Major and name change (attachment)

i.         UGS0119 – Revision to the Dance Minor (attachment)

j.        UGS0121 – Revision to the Major in Public Policy to include a 4 + 1 MA in Urban Affairs and Public Policy (attachment) (pending UGS approval)

k.      UGS0122- Revision to the Major in Public Policy to include a 4+1 MPA Master of Public Administration (attachment) (pending UGS approval)

l.         UGS0123 –Request to revise the BS in Organizational and Community Leadership (attachment)

m.     UGS0124 – Request to revise the Food Science major BS (attachment) (attachment)

n.       Request for a new PhD in Biomedical Engineering (attachment)  (attachment) (attachment)

o.      Request to disestablish the MS and PhD in Operations Research (attachment)

p.      Request to add a Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies (attachment)

q.      Request to revise the MS and PhD in Entomology and Wildlife Ecology (attachment)

r.        Request to revise the MS and PhD in Mathematics    (attachment)

s.       Request to revise the MM Master of Music – Performance Concentration (Conducting)  (attachment)

t.        Request to disestablish the MS in Bioresources Engineering that is in provisional status only (attachment)

u.       Request to add a new MA in Technical Chinese Translation (attachment)  (attachment)


III.               Other:         Set future meeting dates – Please bring your calendars to the meeting


IV.              Adjournment: