Faculty Senate Coordinating Committee on Education


February 29, 2012


10:00 12:00 noon Elliott Hall




I.                   Old Business:

a. Request to add a Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies (attachment)


II.                New Business:


a. UGS 0138 Request for a minor revision to the BS in Quantitative Biology (attachment) (revised attachment)

b. UGS 0142 Request for a name change to the Sociology Majors Concentration in Health and Health Services (attachment)

c. UGS 0148 Request for a 4+1 BS and MS HDFS: Concentration in Early Childhood Development and Inclusive Education (attachment) (attachment 2-23-2012)

d. UGS 0162 Request to revise the Major Concentration Bachelor of Science in Nursing- Baccalaureate for the Registered Nurse

(BRN) (attachment) (revised attachment 2-13-2012)

e. UGS 0163 Request to add a new Major: Medical Technology, BS Medical Diagnostics (attachment) (attachment) (revised attachment 2-20-2012) (revised attachment 2020-2012) (revised attachment 2-20-2012) (revised attachment 2-20-2012)

f. UGS 0167 Request to revise the BA Geology Major (attachment) (attachment revised 2-23-12)

f.      UGS 0168 Request to revise the BS Geology Major (attachment) (attachment revised 2-23-12)

g. UGS 0169 Request to revise the BA Earth Science Education Major (attachment) (revised attachment 2-23-12)

i. UGS 0170 Request to revise the minor in Coastal and Marine Geoscience (attachment) (revised attachment 2-23-12)

j. UGS 0171 Request to revise the minor in Geology (attachment) (attachment revised 2-23-12)

k. GRD Request to revise the MS in Exercise Science (attachment) (policy statement)

l. GRD Request to change the name of the MS in Hospitality Information Management and make revisions to the MS (senate form) (attachment program policy statement ) (attachment planning guide) (attachment curriculum page) (attachment comparison table) (resolution)

m. GRD Request to change the name of the MSN with a concentration in Adult Nurse Practitioner and Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist revise courses to reflect name change (attachment) (attachment w/signatures)

n. GRD Request to revise the MS (thesis and non-thesis) and the PhD in Plant and Soil Sciences (attachment)

1. MS non-thesis (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)

2. MS thesis (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)

3. PhD (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)

o. GRD Request to revise the MA in Sociology, the MA in Criminal Justice and the PhD in Sociology and Criminal Justice (three separate actions need to be on three separate proposals) (attachment) (attachment grad policy)




III.             Other:


IV.              Adjournment: