University Faculty Senate Coordinating Committee on Education


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


10:00 12:00 noon Elliott Hall Conference Room




I.                   Old Business:


a.      UGS 0109 Request to disestablish the Bioresources Engineering Department in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (attachment ) (attachment resolution) attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)

b.      UGS0124 Request to revise the Food Science major BS (attachment) (attachment) (this was held at the Jan 13 meeting)



II.                New Business:


a.      UGS 0113 Revision to the Economics Minor (attachment)

b.      UGS0115-Revision to the Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (attachment) (revised attachment 3-1-2012)

c.       UGS 0127 Request to revise the Minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering (attachment) (revised attachment 3-6-2012)

d.      UGS 0129 Request to revise the Art Minor (attachment) (email attachment)

e.      UGS 0139 Request to revise the minor in Music Management Studies BA/BM (attachment)

f.        UGS 0158 Revise major requirements for the Health Behavior Science degree (attachment 3-2-12)


III.             Other:

IV.              Adjournment: