Friday, September 20, 2013

12:00 noon 011 D Hullihen Hall



I.                    Old Business:

a.       Speech-Language Pathology resolution Susan Hall will attend the first part of the meeting to answer any questions. (attachment) (revised resolution) (attachment) (attachment)


II.                  New Business:

a.       Setting a regular meeting time for the committee Please bring your calendars to this meeting. If Friday at noon works on a regular basis lunch will be provided.


b.      Non-credit certificate programs. Last spring, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution that requires Coordinating Committee review of non-credit certificate programs. We need to discuss how CCE will implement this.


         Please visit the following two pages and review what is there. The first page is the form that prompts the user to enter non-credit program info. Please review the form, but please do not fill it out and submit it (smiles). The form is here:


         After you study the prompts on this form, please review the spreadsheet that gets created as people fill out the form and submit it. The spreadsheet is here:


c.       Academic calendar issues. The faculty handbook contains conflicting statements about the academic calendar. CCE needs to review how this works and assert the need for Faculty Senate review of proposed academic calendars. For example, compare
 and When the calendar has 65 class days, it may be impossible to provide 41 MWF classes. Coordinating has been tasked to review, discuss, and recommend how to resolve this.


d.      Permanent Approval of the PhD in Preservation Studies (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)

III.                Other:


IV.                Adjournment: