Faculty Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee


January 20, 2010


10:00a.m. – 12:00 noon – Elliott Hall Conference Room





I.                    Old Business:

a.      Delete BS major in Health and Physical Education (attachment) (email attachment 1-21-10) – Susan Hall will attend.

b.      Revise major in Health and Physical Education (attachment)

c.       Request to revise the College of Engineering Breadth Requirement Statement in UD Catalog (attachment) (attachment)

II.                 New Business:

a.       Request for a revision to FLL – Secondary Education Programs – EDUC 400 (attachment)

b.      Request for a new BA degree – Spanish Studies: Language and Culture (attachment) (revised attachment)

c.       Request to make Black American Studies a Department (attachment)

d.      Request to make Women’s Studies a Department (attachment) (revised attachment)

e.       Request to revise Bachelor of Music/Music Education – Instrumental (attachment)

f.        Request to revise minor in Music – Jazz Studies (attachment)

g.       Request to revise minor in Astronomy (attachment)

h.       Request to revise concentration – BA Communication (attachment)

i.         Request to revise Medical Scholars Program (attachment)

j.        Request to add a 4+1 BSE/MMSE degree in Materials Science and Engineering (attachment)

k.      Request to revise the minor: BA in Japanese (attachment)

l.         Request to revise English Education Major (attachment)

m.     Request to add an Honors BS degree in Neuroscience (attachment)

III.               Other:

IV.              Adjournment: