Thursday, February 4, 2010


10:00 a.m.12:00 noon - Room 105 Hullihan Hall




I.                    Old Business:         

a.       Request for a change of Department and a Revision of the Major Sport Management (attachment) (revised attachment 1-26-10)

b.      Delete BS major in Health and Physical Education (attachment) (email attachment 1-21-10) – Dean Matt will attend.

c.       Request to revise Spanish Studies Minor (23)  (attachment) (revised email attachment)

d.      Request to add a new Major in Biomedical Engineering (BBE) (attachment) (revised email attachment)

e.       Revise Major in Athletic Training (revised attachment) (attachment) (attachment support letter)

f.        Request to divide an existing academic department into two separate departments (attachment) (revised attachment)

g.       Request to revise Medical Scholars Program (attachment) (revised attachment) (revised attachment)

h.       Revise curriculum for the Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)

i.         Dean’s Council Proposal (attachment)


II.                 New Business:

a.       Request to add a minor in Educational Technology (MNET)  (attachment)

b.      Request to revise the Major/Minor to include a 4+1 Option: Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Studies (attachment)

c.       Request for the revision to the Elementary Teacher Education Major (attachment)

d.      Request to add a course to the options in the Special Education concentration within the Southern Delaware Elementary Teacher Education major. (attachment)

e.       Request to add concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences in the Human Services Major (attachment)

f.        Request to revise concentration in Administration and Family Policy in the Human Services Major (attachment)

g.       Request to add a concentration in Community Education in the Human Services Major (attachment)

h.       Request to revise concentration in Clinical Services in the Human Services Major (attachment)

i.         Request to revise Early Childhood Education Major (BS) (attachment)

j.        Request to deactivate BS: Human Services, Education and Public Policy (attachment)



III.               Other:   DLE –  Discussion

a.                   (attachment) 

b.                  (attachment) (attachment)