University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies

Monday, November 12, 2012

11:00 1:00 p.m. Faculty Senate Conference Room 011D Hullihen Hall



I. Old Business:

II. New Business:

a. 0187 - Accepting high school personal finance for purposes of admission

b. 0176 - Diversity questions for UD course evaluations

c. 0181 - Revision to the Philosophy major (revised attachment)

d. 0185 - Revision to the 4 +1 program in Accounting - MS (attachment)

e. 0188 Revise concentration: BA Interpersonal Communication (attachment)

f. 0189 Revise concentration: BA Mass Communication (attachment)

g. 0190 Revise Major: BS Psychology (attachment)

h. 0191 Request to add a new Major: Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (attachment)

i. Review of Draft Policy on Use of Online Technology and Online Course Formats (will be circulated at the meeting)


III. Other:

IV. Adjournment