University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies

Monday, December 2, 2013

12:00 Noon – Conference Room (Second Floor) in Visitors’ Center

AGENDA and Follow-up


UGS Item13 – 1 University Breadth Issue – Approval process and UGS role. – Resolution approved and sent to CCE. Email sent to A/A’s and College C and C Chairs. Requests are coming to Steve


UGS Item13 - 2 - Review of the 2015-2016 Academic Calendar (Jeff) - Approved.


UGS Item13 – 3 - Faculty Handbook 3.1.7 Class Meetings/Size – (attachment) – Jeff will revise and bring back. Revision approved and sent to CCE and EXEC for comments (11/20)


UGS Item13 – 4 – CAS and University Breadth Lists – update from Avron – no change at current time.


UGS Item13 – 5 – On line Course Policy – update from Steve, Karren – this was discussed at the November Faculty Senate Meeting and returned to UGS with “issues” (see my attached notes) – Steve will discuss with PCS.


UGS Item13 – 6 – Catalogue Edits / Department Web Links / Curriculum Updates – update from – Naomi and Steve – memo revision in progress


UGS Item13 – 7 – Request from Dean Morse (CAS) to Permanent Status Report – update from Steve – email sent; response back from Dean Watson and Dr. Byrne. Approved 1 year extension. Dean Morse and Dr. Byrne notified 11/20; Karren to send official notification.


UGS Item13 – 8 (Jeff and Naomi) – Naomi will distribute samples of each for our review. Reviewed draft and Naomi will edit for final review.


                UGS Item13 – 9 First Year Seminars – Proposal from Avron forthcoming. Avron presented            proposed learning outcomes. He will discuss with A/A Deans and bring back to UGS.


UGS Item13 – 10 Discussion concerning UD Policy – 8 week deadline to change to P/F/W or L(Audit) (Morling) – no change recommended.


      UGS Item13 – 11 Discussion of motion from senate floor concerning undergraduate credit for MOOCs not constructed by UD faculty. – Karren will send out a copy. No action taken.

        UGS Item13 – 12 Requiring UGS signature on the Credit Transfer Form. No action taken.

        UGS Item13 – 13 Email from Allen Carlsen re NURS/THEA 214, HEALTHCARE COMMUNICATION – can this count as a UD Breadth Course for Nursing Students? – Current guidelines prevent this. No action taken; Steve notified A. Carlsen by email on 11/21.

        UGS 0300 – 14 Revise major in Chemical Engineering (attachment) – No action taken. Steve will suggest CHEG discuss new “statistics” course with APEC to avoid challenge.

UGS/GRD 0301-15  Request to move the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (CEEP) from the College of Engineering to the College of Arts and Sciences (attachment) – Email sent to Dean Morse and Dr. Byrnes asking for revised ENEP curricula and approval of it by CAS EAC, 11/22/13.


UGS0313-16 Request to revise the French Studies BA major (attachment)


UGS0314-17 Request to revise the Italian Studies BA major (attachment)


UGS0315-18 Request to revise the Russian Studies BA major (attachment)


UGS0316-19 Request to revise the German Studies BA major (attachment)


UGS0317-20 Request to revise the Japanese Studies BA major (attachment)


UGS0318-21 Request to revise the Spanish Studies minor (attachment)


UGS0319-22 Request to add a minor in European Studies (attachment)