Monday, January 14, 2013


10:00 Noon Senate Conference Room 011D Hullihen Hall




I. Old Business:


n. UGS 0208 Request to revise minor Music Management Studies (attachment) (revised attachment)


o. UGS 0209 Request to add Honors BA degree Public Policy (attachment) (resolution)


r. UGS 0212 Request for permanent approval of the BA in Psychology (attachment) (original proposal attachment) (revised resolution 1-9-2013)


t. UGS 0214 Request to add Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration (attachment) (response to UGS Questions)


u. UGS 0215 Request to revise the Coaching Science minor (attachment)


v. UGS 0216 Request to revise the catalog concerning Athletic Training Education (attachment)


w. UGS 0217 Request to delete the minor in Leisure Management Services ( attachment)


x. UGS 0218 Request to revise the Exercise Science Major and all Concentrations (attachment)


y. UGS 0219 Request to add Honors Degree to Medical Diagnostics Major (attachment)


z. UGs 0220 Request to revise Medical Diagnostics Minor (attachment)





II. New Business:


a. Academic Calendar discussion Jeff Palmer

b. Requirement for a second major after graduation Jeff Palmer

c. Multiculture course re-evaluation Jeff Palmer

d. 0221 Add a minor in Environmental Sustainability (attachment)

e. 0222 Add a minor in Sustainable Infrastructure (attachment)

f. 0223 Revise a concentration Environmental Engineering Environmental Biological and Chemical Processes (attachment)

g. 0224 Modify Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering Degree Program (attachment)

h. 0225 Modify minor in Biomedical Engineering (attachment)

i. 0226 Modify Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree Program ( attachment)

j. 0227 Revise minor in Black American Studies (attachment)

k. 0228 Revise major in Apparel Design (attachment)

l. 0229 Revise major in Fashion Merchandising (attachment)

m. 0230 Revise minor in Japanese (attachment)

n. 0231 Revise major in Russian Studies ( attachment)

o. 0232 Add a minor in European Studies (attachment)

p. 0233 Revision of History Classics: French, German, Russian, Spanish (attachment)

q. 0234 Add minor in Jewish Studies with Language (attachment)

r. 0235 Revise major BS in Cognitive Science (attachment)

s. 0236 Revise major BA Mathematical Science (attachment)

t. 0237 Revise major BS Mathematics Education (attachment)

u. 0238 Revise major BS Quantitative Biology (attachment)

v. 0239 Revise major BA Mathematics Education (attachment)

w. 0240 Revise major BS Mathematics and Economics (attachment)

x. 0241 Revise major BS Mathematical Sciences ( attachment)

y. 0242 Add concentration POSC BA Politics, Groups and Identities ( attachment)

z. 0243 Revise concentration POSC BA American Politics (attachment)

aa. 0244 Revise concentration POCS BA Global Studies ( attachment)

bb. 0245 Revise concentration POCS BA Law, Politics and Theory (attachment)

cc. 0246 Revise major BS Neuroscience (attachment)

dd. 0247 Revise minor Sexualities and Gender Studies ( attachment)

ee. 0248 Request for permanent status and revision to the major in Black American Studies ( attachment)

ff. 0249 Add a minor in Arabic (attachment)

gg. 0250- Request for permanent approval of the BS in Linguistics and Cognitive Science (attachment)

hh. 0251 Request to add a BS major in Actuarial Sciences (attachment)

ii. 0252 Request for permanent approval of the BS major in Quantitative Biology (attachment)