University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies

March 11, 2013

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon – 011D Hullihen Hall



I.          Old Business:


a.         UGS 0187- Personal Finance for Purposes of Admission – Guest Jim O’Neill will attend the meeting at 11:30 a.m.


b.         UGS0234 – Add minor in Jewish Studies with Language (attachment) (revised attachment) (revised attachment) – Guest Jay Halio and Eynat Gutnam will attend the meeting at 10:00 a.m.


c.         UGS0268 – Request to revise the concentration Family and Consumer Sciences Education of the Human Services Major (attachment)  (attachment revised 3-5-13)


d.         UGS0268a- Request to add a concentration to Family and Consumer Sciences Education of the Human Services Major: Apparel StudiesConcentration  (attachment) (attachment revised 3-5-13)


e.         UGSGRD0271 – Request to add a 4 + 1 program to the MS Statistics (attachment)


f.          UGS0248 – Request for permanent status of Black American Studies (resolution) (revised proposal)


g.         UGS0222 – Add a minor in Sustainable Infrastructure (attachment) (revised attachment)  (attachment)


h.         UGS0251 – Request to add a BS major in Actuarial Sciences (revised attachment)


l.          UGS0232 - Add a minor in European Studies (attachment) (revised attachment 2-17-13)


j.          UGS 0233 – Revision of History Classics: French, German, Russian, Spanish (attachment) –Sent back from CCE. 2 new majors ? Fred is waiting to hear back from Jesus.


k.         Grade Forgiveness – Discussion for Open Hearing (attachment)  (attachment 2012 resolution)   (attachment 2013)



II.         New Business:


            a.         UGS0291 – Request to revise minor in Bioelectrical Engineering (attachment)

            b.         UGS0292 – Request to revise Electrical Engineering Major – Add to list of foundation electives (attachment)

            c.         UGS0293 – Request to revise Computer Engineering Major – Add to list of foundation electives (attachment)

            d.         UGS0294-Request to add an Honors degree with distinction Energy and Environmental Policy (attachment)

            e.         Annual Review of MC/FYE/DLE Proposals

            f.          Out of Class Exam Policy

g.         Second Degree Policy

h.         0250- Request for permanent approval of the BS in Linguistics and Cognitive Science (attachment) (review team attachment)