Monday, October 7, 2013


12:00noon – 011D Hullihen Hall (basement)



I.             Old Business:

a.            Status of Grade Forgiveness Policy – approved by USC and CC; at the Executive Committee.

b.            Questions for Course Evaluation Forms re Bias – waiting for questions from Margaret Anderson (?)

c.             On-line Course Policy – not sure where that stands.

d.            Catalog Edits/Department Weblinks/Curriculum Updates not approved through UGS   this is a leftover topic from last year. Initially our concern was with just the weblink aspect of the online catalog (rather than departments listing curriculum details in the catalog, they list a weblink and then update their curriculum on their own websites) but we have gained a broader understanding of the catalog editor process and there are issues beyond just the weblinks that I’d like to discuss with the committee. There is a certain amount of curriculum being updated in the catalog and on department websites that is never vetted through UGS. This causes significant problems for our office but also should concern UGS in the very liberal interpretation some departments take on understanding what they should/shouldn’t be updating on their own without UGS approval.

II.            New Business:

a.            Resolve issue of who evaluates courses for the University Breadth List

b.            Request from Senate President to review the Faculty Hand Book policy on Excused Absences from Classes

c.         Review of the 2012 resolution concerning Winter Session – (attachment)

d.            Permanent Status Program Reviews – need a committee member for each

                                                Environmental Studies (BA)

                                                Energy and Environmental Policy (BS)

                                                Neuroscience (BS)

                                                Public Policy (BA)

                                                Animal and Food Sciences (BS)

                                                Pre-Vet Medicine and Animal Biosciences (BS)

                                                Food Sciences (BS)

e.      University Catalog Policies

Matriculation Catalog – There has been a long-standing practice at the institution that students are eligible for the curriculum that was in place at the time they matriculate to UD. Even when students later change majors or internally-transfers to another college, besides a few exceptions, they have been eligible for the curriculum in place at the time they initially enrolled at UD. Luckily, the AA Deans and colleges have been great about this practice but a formal policy would be good to have on the books.


Readmission Catalog – Most institutions have a policy about what catalog a student is eligible for after a separation from their institution. For example, in my research, many institutions stipulate that students that withdraw or are dismissed, etc. from the institution and later return, must meet the degree requirements in place at the time of readmission. Others allow students to select a catalog/requirements that were in place at the time the student was enrolled but usually stipulate a time limit – I’ve seen 5-7 year catalog limits – otherwise the student is held to current catalog requirements. UD does not have such as limit. As such, students are readmitted and the colleges determine what catalog/curriculum they are held to. The colleges apply a variety of interpretations to this ‘policy’ and as such, we have readmitted students following extremely old catalog/curriculums. This week alone, a student was readmitted to the 1981 criminal justice curriculum. An AACRAO consultant visited campus late Spring 2013 as was very surprised to learn that UD did not have a formal catalog policy. In order to be aligned with our peers and adhere to recommendations of experts within the field, I would like UGS to discuss this issue and propose a logical catalog policy for UD.


f.        Discussion of motion from senate floor concerning undergraduate credit for MOOCs not constructed by UD faculty.


III.           Other:

IV.          Adjournment: