Friday, February 22, 2008


3:00 5:00 p.m. Senate Conference Room




I.                   Old Business:


a.      DLE Reviews

b.      FYE

c.       Multiculture


Curriculum Proposals


d.      Revision to the Middle School Science Concentration B.S. Elementary Teaching Education (attachment) (attachment supporting doc.) Sent back from CCE 1-14-08 Agenda

e.      Revision to the major: Early Childhood Education BS (attachment) From UGS 1-18-08 Agenda. (revised attachment 2-22-08)

f.        Revision to the IFST BS major: Human Services/ Administration and Family (attachment) From UGS 1-18-08 Agenda.

g.      Revise major Economics BA/BS Economics Education BA (attachment) From UGS 1-18-08 Agenda.

h.      Revise major concentration Economics BA/BS-Applied Economics (attachment) - From UGS 1-18-08 Agenda.

i.        Revision to the major in Landscape Horticulture and Design (attachment) (revised attachment 2-22-08)

j.        Revision to the BA in Physics (revised attachment) (revised attachment)

k.      Revision to the Physics Education BA (revised attachment) (revised attachment)

l.        Revision to the BS in Physics (revised attachment) (revised attachment)

m.    Revision to the BS in Physics with a concentration in Astronomy and Astrophysics (attachment)

n.      Revision to the Medical Scholars/BALS Program (attachment)

o.      Request to revise the undergraduate nursing major requirements (attachment)

p.      Request to revise the undergraduate nursing major requirements 2 (attachment)

q.      Revision to a major in Health Sciences (attachment)

r.       Revision to the Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree program (revised attachment)

s.       Revision to the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree program (revised attachment)


I.                   New Business:


II.                Other:

III.             Adjournment: