February 12, 2004




President’s Board Room (130 Hullihen Hall)                                                                             9:00-11:00 a.m.


  I.          Approval of the minutes of January 29, 2004


 II.               Old Business:


          A. Report from the Subcommittee on Multicultural Outcomes (Attachment 1)


          B.  Discussion of different minimum grades for mathematics and composition requirements


          C. Request from the Department of Art for approval of Minor in Interactive Design (Attachment 2)  (Attachment 2a)


III.          New Business:


          A. College of Arts and Sciences


               1. Revision of B.A. in Economics (Attachment 3) 

               2. Revision of B.A. programs in Foreign Languages and Literatures:

                        —French Studies (Attachment 4)

                        —German Studies (Attachment 5)

                        —Italian Studies (Attachment 6)

                        —Spanish Studies (Attachment 7)

               3. Revision of FLLT Minor in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies (Attachment 8)

               4. Creation of new FLLT Minor in Chinese (Attachment 9)

               5. Revision of B.A. in Mathematical Sciences (Attachment 10) (Attachment 11)

               6. Revision of B.S. in Mathematical Sciences (Attachment 12) (Attachment 13)

               7. Revision of B.A. in Secondary Mathematics Education (Attachment 14) (Attachment 15)

               8. Revision of B.A. programs in Music:

                        —B.A. in Music and B.A with a Concentration in Music Management Studies (Attachment16)

                        —B.A. with a Minor in Applied Music: Principal Instrument (Attachment 17)

               9. Revision of B.Mus. programs:

                        —Major in Applied Music—Instrumental Concentration: Principal Instruments (Attachment 18)

                        —Major in Applied Music—Piano (Attachment 19)

                        —Major in Applied Music—Voice (Attachment 20)

                        —Major in Music Education (Attachment 21)

                        —Major in Music Theory/Composition (Attachment 22)

               10. Revision of B.S. in Physics (Attachment 23)

               11. Revision of concentrations in the Major in Political Science (Attachment 24) (Attachment 25)  ???

               12. Revision of B.A. in Psychology Major (Attachment 26)

               13. Revision of Minor in Psychology (Attachment 27)

               14. Establish new Sociology concentration in Emergency and Environmental Management (Attachment 28)     (Attachment 28a)  ??????   


          B. College of Human Services, Education and Public Policy


               1. Revision of Human Services Concentration in Family and Community Services (Attachment 29) (Attachment 30)