University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies


April 19, 2011


Elliott Hall Conference Room 12:00 Noon 2:00 p.m.




I.                   Old Business:

a.      Request to add new 4+1 BEE/MSECE and 4+1 BCpE/MSECE graduate degree options in Electrical and Computer Engineering (attachment 4-12-11)

b.      (0049)Request to create a minor in Electrical and Computing Engineering (attachment) (attachment revised 1-24-11)

c.       (0090)Course Challenge of KAAP200 discussion (attachment)


II.                New Business:

a.      Discussions with John Morgan and Provost Apple for the request to require a minimum grade of C- in 100- and 200-level
courses used to satisfy specific graduation and/or
prerequisite requirements. (attachment) (attachment)

b.      Request to add the Nurse Practitioner concentration to the RN to MSN (attachment) (attachment policy manual)