University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


12:00 noon 2:00 p.m. Elliott Hall Conference Room

(Lunch will be served)





I.                    Old Business:


a.       DLE, FYE, and MC decisions Discussions for approval

b.      Resolution to remove 30 plus hours from double undergraduate degree policy (attachment)

c.       College of Engineering Revision of Undergraduate College and University Breadth Catalog Copy (attachment)

d.      (0090)Course Challenge of KAAP200 discussion (attachment)

e.       (0022)Request to revise minor in Strength and Conditioning (revised attachment 12-15-2010)

f.        (0049)Request to create a minor in Electrical and Computing Engineering (attachment)

g.       (0065)Request to revise the major BM: Applied Music Instrumental BMAS (attachment)

h.       (0093)Request to clarify all Art Degree Programs (attachment) (attachment) (attachmentrevised 4-5-11) (attachment revised 4-5-11JH)

i.         (0094)Request to revise BFA-VC Major (attachment) (attachment 4-5-11) (attachment 4-5-11) (attachment 4-5-11JH) (attachment 4-5-11JH)

j.        (0095)Request to revise Art Majors (attachment) (revised 4-5-11) (revised 4-5-11JH)




II.                 New Business:


a.       Curriculum Proposal Review Checklist (attachment)

b.      Minimum grades in prerequisite course (attachment)

c.       (0100)Request to revise curriculum for Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and add a concentration (attachment)

d.      (0101)Request to add an Arab Studies Undergraduate Certificate (attachment)

e.       (0102)Request for a 4+1 in Electrical and Computer Engineering (attachment)


I.                    Other:


II.                 Adjournment: