University Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies


Friday, January 4, 2008


11:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 180 S. College Avenue





I.                   Old Business: None


II.                New Business:

a.      Request for revision to the BA in Political Science: Delete Politics and Journalism Concentration (attachment)

b.      Request for revision to the BA in International Relations: Delete Russia/Central Europe Area Specialization (attachment)

c.       Revision to the minor in Physics (attachment)

d.      Revision to the BA in Physics (attachment) (attachment)

e.      Revision to the Physics Education BA (attachment) (attachment)

f.        Revision to the BS in Physics (attachment) (attachment)

g.      Revision to the BS in Physics with a concentration in Astronomy and Astrophysics (attachment)

h.      Request to delete Theatre Production Major (attachment)

i.        Request to add a Performance Studies Minor in Theatre (attachment)

j.        Request to add a Theatre Production Minor (attachment)

k.      Request to add a Theatre Studies Minor (attachment)

l.        Request to delete Theatre Minor (attachment)

m.    Request to add a new minor in Astronomy (attachment)

n.      Request to delete Chemical Physics Concentration BS Physics (attachment)

o.      Request to delete Materials Physics concentration BS Physics (attachment)

p.      Revision to Anthropology Minor (attachment)

a.      Revision to Legal Studies Minor (attachment) (revised attachment)

b.      Revision to the curriculum in Animal and Food Sciences (attachment)

c.       Request for a name change in CES (Area Studies Program) (attachment)

d.      Revision to the Music Education-General Choral Concentration:
        Piano XMV Piano BMAS (attachment)

e.      Revision to the Music Education General Choral Concentration:
        Voice BMAS (attachment)

f.        Revision to a major in Health Sciences (attachment)

g.      Revision to the major requirements in Health Nutrition and Exercise Sciences (attachment)

h.      Revision to the major in Medical Technology (attachment)

i.        Revision to the major in Landscape Horticulture and Design (attachment) (attachment) (revisedattachment)

j.        Revision to the admission requirements in Sport Management BS (attachment) (revised rational 1-17-08)


III.             Other: Schedule next meeting


IV.              Adjournment: