January 13, 2004



3:00 – 5:00                                                                                                                                                                                                       105 Hullihen Hall




I.                    Adoption of the Agenda:


II.                 Approval of the Minutes of  December 16: http://www.udel.edu/facsen/Undergraduate/UGSMINDEC162003.htm


III.               Old Business:


A.     Report from the subcommittees on desired outcomes of the multicultural requirement


B.     Discussion of the General Education Committee Report of October 20, 2003 www.udel.edu/ugs/gened  - Professor Avron Abraham, Chair of General Education Committee will join the committee at 3:30 p.m.


IV.              New Business:


College of Business and Economics –


A.  Accounting and MIS – Change degree from Bachelor of Science in Accounting to a Generic Bachelor of Science   (Attachment)


B.     Business Administration:

1.         Management – Revision to the existing major  (Attachment)

2.         Operations Management – Revision  to the existing major  (Attachment)

3.         Marketing – Revision to the existing major (Attachment)

4.         Degree change for all majors in the Department of Business Administration (Attachment)

5.         Catalog Changes (Attachment)


C.     Economics:

1.      Revision to the existing major –BS add/delete required courses/credit hours (Attachment)

2.      Revision to the existing major – BA add/delete required courses/credit hours (Attachment)


D.     Finance – BS add/delete required courses/credit hours (Attachment)


College of Health and Nursing Sciences-


A.     Nursing - Revision of existing major – (Attachment)


B.     Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences –

1.      Athletic Training – (Attachment) 

2.      Exercise Science – (Attachment)

3.      Health Behavior Management – (Attachment)

4.      Health and Physical Education – (Attachment)

5.      Convert HESC495 to HLTH495 (Attachment)

6.      Convert al undergraduate Independent Studies to Pass/Fail (Attachment)