Undergraduate Studies Committee meeting — January 10, 2003
1-3 p.m., 218 Gore Hall


1.Approval of Minutes of the December 2, 2002 meeting.

2.Report: John Courtright, Undergraduate Studies Office

New Business

1.Art History major.Minor changes--more modern art. Attachment
Attachment for the minor--changes parallel the major

2.Computer and Information Sciences.Name change for major, to Computer Science. Attachment

3.International Relations major.Small change in economics requirement. Attachmen

4.Political Science Department minors, two changes.

Political Science minor, omission of POSC 300, methods. Attachmen

Public Administration minor, delete (low interest) Attachment

5.Latin American Studies major.Updating courses, small changes. Attachment
Attachment 2 for the minor.

6.African Studies minor.Significant changes--related to small number of students?
No core course now.Attachment
7.Foreign Languages and Literatures, new minor, Business Spanish. Attachment   Attachment
Spanish Studies concentration.Small change.
8.Legal Studies minor.Updating courses, small changes. Attachment
9.Sociology, deletion of concentration in Data Analysis. Attachment 
10.Mathematics B.S. degree, significant changes, possible issue of “list of approved courses”Attachment
11.Biochemistry major.Updating and significant revision.Attachment
12.Art Department, BFA: Fine Arts, and Art, both dropping ART 315. Attachment
Old Business:

1.Animal Science: General Animal Science changes.The department notes that they made a small error, that if corrected makes the proposed changes reasonable.I will bring their e-mail to the meeting.

2.Multicultural studies--continue?