Faculty Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee Meeting

March 6, 2002

10:00 – 12:00 * 341 Smith Hall


Old Business:

A.Revision of existing major:Food and Agribusiness management (Attachment)

B.Revision of existing minor:Minor in Food and Agribusiness Management (Attachment)

C.B. S. in Health Studies – This deletes the Concentration in Physical Education Studies major, and replaces it with Health Studies, making considerable changes. (Attachment1) (Attachment2)(Attachment3)

D.Nursing Honors Major (Attachment)(Attachment2)(Attachment3)

    E.    Revisions to the Nursing Curriculum for the Baccalaureate Program for the Registered Nurse (BRN) (Attachment)

New Business :
A.Women and the Economy, Multicultural course. (Ken will provide documentation)
B.Women’s Studies Capstone Course (Attachment)
C.Examination and Test conflicts, proposed revised policy (Attachment)