Meeting of the Undergraduate Studies Committee of the Faculty Senate

Thursday, January 10, 2002, at 3:00-5:00 in 130 Hullihen Hall


Old Business:
1.Ancient Greek and Roman Studies proposal.The question is the nature of the “areas” under this new proposed concentration.Professors Braun and Zipser will attend.
2.Jewish Studies minor, I have invited Prof. Klaff to present.(Attachments for old business were sent previously)
New Business:
1. Animal Science, 4 programs.Small revisions: 124 courses for graduation, deletion of FREC 201, change in electives.
a) Applied Animal Sciences
b) General Animal Science
c) Animal Biotechnology
d) PreVeterinary Medicine
2. Natural Resource Management, Honors B.S.(Attachments for AG were sent previously) 
3.9 Items from College of Health and Nursing Sciences
Revision to Athletic Training Major (Attachment 1)

Revision to the concentration in Biomechanics (Attachment 2)

Revision to EXSS admission requirements (Attachment 3)

Revision to Figure Skating Science Concentration (Attachment 4)

Revision of HBM Admission requirements (Attachment 5)

Revision of HPE major (Attachment 6)

Revision of RPA concentration (Attachment 7)

Revision of Sport Management concentration (Attachment 8)

Announcements for Challenge (Attachment 14)

Most of these seem small changes.Main matter of interest: Establishment of Interest programs for would-be majors. 

4.4 Items from College of Health and Nursing Sciences (Attachments 9-13 and 15, 16)

These are all new majors.First, three honors majors

a) Honors proposal endorsement (Attachment 9)

b) Honors Health and Physical Education (Attachment 10)

c) Honors Health Behavior Management (Attachment 11)

d) Honors Athletic Training (Attachment 12)

Significant revision of existing major, with change in title and focus:

e) BS in Health Studies 

Delete Concentration in Exercise and Sport Studies (Attachment 13)

Rationale to revise existing major (Attachment 15)

Summary of revised major (Attachment 16)

5.Two items from Engineering:

a) Mechanical Engineering: Concentration in Aerospace Engineering (Attachment)

b) Mechanical Engineering: Concentration in Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Engineering Checklist Attachment