May 7, 2001

Members Absent: J. Glutting, D. Green, C. Keil, S. Kitto, P. Mettler, C. Pavitt, A. Prasad,
Rakesh, S. Tague, S. Tomioka, J. Weiss, R. Wolbers, G. Zank

Members Excused: M. Badiey, M. Foley, F. Masterson, M. A. McLane, J. Nye, D. Rich,
M. Schiavelli, F. Stiner, C. Thoroughgood, G. Weaver

        The agenda was adopted, with the following changes: 1) Delete item VIII B. (Election of Chair, Committee on Committees and Nominations) as that election will occur as part of Agenda item III; and 2) take up item VII Old Business (Commendation for President Roselle) as the first item on the agenda.

        As moved and seconded at the prior Faculty Senate meeting, the floor was open to discussion concerning the following commendation for President Roselle:

    WHEREAS     David P. Roselle has exhibited outstanding leadership in advancing the mission
                            of the University of Delaware, and

    WHEREAS     the Campaign for Delaware and the recent positive report by the Middle States Commission on Higher
                            Education are particularly noteworthy, therefore be it

    RESOLVED    that the University Faculty Senate hereby unanimously commends David P. Roselle as President of the
                            University of Delaware.

        Senator Feng raised a concern about the wording of the motion, in the event that the Senate would still like to commend President Roselle, but the vote might not be unanimous. He offered an amendment to drop the word "unanimously" from the above motion. This was approved by the Faculty Senate. The vote was then taken, and the amended motion was approved unanimously. Jon Olson moved that the word "unanimously" be reinserted in the motion, which was seconded and approved by the Faculty Senate. Upon this approval, President Van Name presented a plaque to President Roselle, engraved with the commendation. President Roselle very graciously thanked the Senate.


        President Van Name asked to suspend the rules of the Senate, and asked Jon Olson, Senate Parliamentarian, to come forward. A commendation was given to Professor Olson for his many long years of leadership in the Faculty Senate, including his service as the first President. The text of the commendation, as engraved on a plaque, is as follows:


On January 7, 1970

The establishment of the Faculty Senate to function as the standing executive committee of the Faculty, and to exercise the full powers vested in the faculty by the Board of Trustees.

The University of Delaware Faculty Senate wishes to acknowledge the extraordinary leadership and service provided to the Senate by

Elected First President
Served on the Executive Committee
As President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and
Chair of the Committee on Committees and Nominations
Chair of the Promotions and Tenure Committee
Chair of Computer Committee and Governance Committee
Actively Participated on the Coordinating Committee
on Academic Services; Instructional, Computing and
Research Support Services Committee; Committee on Rules;
and the Ad Hoc Committee on Governance
Parliamentarian for Faculty Senate since 1997

On behalf of all members of the Faculty Senate, we wish to thank you for your many years of expertise and dedicated service.

May 7, 2001

II.     APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES. The minutes of April 9, 2001 were approved with one correction: In item V.A. 5, "Animal Technology" should instead be "Animal Biotechnology".


        Written ballots were marked by Senators, and collected and tallied by Senate counters. The results are as follows. Jay Hildebrandt was elected President-Elect; Dallas Hoover was elected Secretary; and Michael Keefe was elected Committee on Committees and Nominations.


        There were no remarks by Provost Schiavelli.


        President Van Name informed senators that seven committee reports are attached to the agenda, and six more have been distributed at this meeting. She thanked committee chairs for their services, with a special appreciation to Bob Brown for his many years of service. She also thanked the Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate staff, Karren Helsel-Spry and Rita Girardi.

        David Pong, Chair of the Committee on International Studies, made a special report to the Senate. While his committee received no formal new business this year, the Committee actively pursued an agenda for recommending initiatives to: 1) encourage further opportunities for international study for students; 2) recruit more international students especially in disciplines in which they are under-represented; and 3) promote curricula changes that attract students to new initiatives in study abroad opportunities.


A.     Announcement for Challenge.
        The recommendation to revise the in-stream Honors admissions requirements was adopted by consent.

B.     Resolutions. The following resolution, recommended by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies with the concurrence of the Coordinating Committee on Education and the Executive Committee to establish an Honors Degree track in the Dean's Scholar Program in the College of Human Services, Education and Public Policy was approved by the Faculty Senate:

    WHEREAS     the College of Human Services, Education and Public Policy offers a Dean's Scholar program for qualified
                            undergraduate students, and

    WHEREAS     the students in the College of Human Services, Education and Public Policy who follow the Dean's Scholar
                            Program to complete one of the majors offered by the College may be interested in simultaneously completing
                            the University requirements for the Honors Degree, therefore be it

    RESOLVED     that students enrolled in a degree program in the College of Human Services, Education and Public
                             Policy who successfully complete graduation requirements for both the Dean's Scholar Program and the
                             Honors Degree will be awarded an Honors Degree upon graduation.


1.        Request from the Committee on Committees and Nominations for confirmation of committee Appointments.
            Committee appointments were confirmed by the Senate.

2.        As indicated in the approval of the agenda, item B (election of Chair, COCAN) was deleted.

3.        Introduction of New Business.
        President Van Name asked if there were items of new business, reminding the Senate that such proposed items could not be acted upon until the next meeting. Karen Stein, Secretary, while noting that it was not exactly new business, thanked President Van Name for her service to the Senate. Hearing no other proposed new business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Karen F. Stein, Secretary
University Faculty Senate