September 11, 2000

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Steve Dexter, Sherry Kitto, Kenneth Lomax, Captain Luebbert, John Nye, Joseph Santivasci, Satoshi Tomioka, John Weiss

MEMBERS ABSENT: Mohsen Badiey, Fred Masterson, Paul Mettler, Steve Tague

    The agenda was adopted, with the addition of remarks by Fred Siegel, Associate Provost.

    The minutes of the May 1, 2000 meeting of the Senate were approved as distributed.

    There were no remarks by Provost Schiavelli. In his stead, Associate Provost Fred Siegel presented information about our freshman class. The University set a target of 3,800 new students and, to date, 3,796 student deposits have been received, including those of 3,200 freshmen (these totals do not include students in the Parallel Program). We received 4,000 more applications than last year, representing a 28% increase. Our admit rate was 48%, compared to an admit rate of 70% three years ago. Additional data include an Honors class of 422 students, and an 11.5% increase in the number of enrolled minority students. Associate Provost Siegel profiled the freshmen class as having a 3.3 academic average in high school, a combined score of 1154 on the SAT and a PGA of 2.82. The profile for out-of-state students is somewhat higher (1171 SAT and a 3.4 PGA).

Executive Vice-President David Hollowell was also asked by the Senate to inform us of new and on-going construction projects on campus and physical plant developments. New projects include DuPont Hall (anticipated Spring 2002 occupancy), Wolf Hall (3 year project) and the Academy Street parking garage (anticipated Spring 2001 opening). Slides of recently completed projects included the pedestrian mall at Hullihen Circle, residence hall renovations, major lecture hall renovations, Carpenter Sports Building improvements, and improvements to the grounds of the Blue and Gold Club. Vice-President Hollowell also noted a number of future projects slated for the next 3-5 years, which include renovations to a number of buildings and studio facilities.

    President Judy Van Name welcomed all new Senators and introduced the staff and officers of the Faculty Senate. She then asked the Senate's confirmation of Jim Raths as Chair of the Faculty Welfare and Privileges Committee, which the Senate affirmed through unanimous vote. President Van Name then presented information about the functions and goals of the Faculty Senate, so that all Senators can better understand their roles and responsibilities. As an addendum to describing the Senate roles and functions, powers of the faculty, privileges of the faculty, standing committees, and Senate meeting structure, President Van Name noted that most of the Senate business is ordinary, but important. She also reminded Senators that all items for committee business must first be sent to the Faculty Senate office for distribution to the appropriate committees. Since it is relatively new to the Faculty Senate, President Van Name also reviewed the consent agenda, used by the Senate. Items which are not likely to generate discussion on the Senate floor are grouped on the consent list by the Executive Committee. However, any Senator can request that an item be moved from the consent list to the regular agenda for discussion. Last, President Van Name asked that Senators discard any academic program approval checklists they, or the units they represent, may have. A new form will be available on the Faculty Senate's website (facsen). All curricular changes coming to committees for action must include the checklist or the items will not be accepted by the appropriate committees.

    1. Announcements for Challenge. There were no announcements for challenge.

        B. Resolutions. The following resolution, recommended by the Graduate Committee on Education with the concurrence of the Coordinating Committee on Education and the Executive Committee, for the establishment of a Graduate Certificate in Composite Materials, College of Engineering, was approved by consent.

        WHEREAS:   The Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Center for Composite Materials seek to service the academic needs of engineering and science professionals in surrounding industries, and

        WHEREAS:   The Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Center for Composite Materials wish to create a certificate program with courses that can be transferred into a graduate degree, be it therefore

        RESOLVED:  That a Graduate Certificate Program in Composite Material be established.

    There was no old business.

    There was no new business on the agenda. President Van Name asked if there were other items of new business, reminding the Senate that such proposed items could not be acted upon until the next meeting. Hearing no other proposed new business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Karen F. Stein, Secretary
University Faculty Senate