October 7, 1991


      On Monday, October 7, at 4:00 p.m. Senate President Taggart called to
order the regular meeting of the University Faculty Senate.

Senators not in attendance were:    Susan Amert, Reed Geiger, James Hawk,
                                    Lawrence Nees, Raymond Nichols, John

Senators excused were:  Edith Anderson, Alexander Doberenz, Bernard Herman,
                        Frank Murray, Larry Peterson, Leslie Reidel, David P.
                        Roselle, Christopher Smith, Jack Smith, Janet Smith,
                        Carolyn Thoroughgood


      The Senate adopted the agenda as published.


      The Senate approved the minutes of the September 16th meeting after
      amending them to reflect the amendments of the April 22, May 6, and May
      13, 1991 minutes, adding the fact that the Senate determined by a small
      majority (19 to 17) that it was within the jurisdiction of the AAUP to
      decide whether or not we move to a monthly rather than a semi-monthly
      payment of salary. In a vote that was simply an opinion poll, the Senate
      went on record as opposed (by a vote of 23 to 11, with 6 abstentions) to
      changing the present (twice-a-month) manner of payment.


      Provost Pipes discussed five topics: the recommendations of the Health
      Science Committee, the budget, the progress of the Program Reduction
      Process, on-going campus construction and its sources of funding, and
      statistics on tuition and enrollment. According to Provost Pipes, the
      Health Science committee made four recommendations: that the College of
      Nursing remain a college, but become more efficient; that the Medical
      Technology Program be phased out; that Physical Therapy become a
      department either in the College of Physical Education, Athletics, and
      Recreation or in the College of Arts and Sciences; that the remaining
      elements of the School of Life and Health Sciences become the Department
      of Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences. The first two
      recommendations are being acted upon and the latter two are under
      discussion with faculty.

      Provost Pipes outlined the budget situation, noting that tuition is up
      10%, the State appropriation is up 3%, gifts are up 27%, and sponsored
      programs up 20%. These increases, he stated, are commensurate with
      increases in expenditures. 1992-93 will see the continuation of budget
      constraints as the State has instructed an appropriation request of 98%
      of the 1991-92 budget, less 20% for increases in medical costs and 10%
      increase in energies. While Provost Pipes expects gifts and sponsored
      programs to continue to grow, he estimates that the University must now
      save $9.1 million from 1991-92 levels.

      As part of the effort to reduce spending, the University will engage in
      fewer programs, Provost Pipes announced. Outlining the program reduction
      process currently underway, Provost Pipes reported that four programs
      are currently under scrutiny. Linguistics and Theatre are both
      continuing within the terms of their budgetary reductions. Interior
      Design and Medical Technology have been recommended to be phased out,
      but those recommendations have not yet been considered by Senate
      committees. He also stated that discussion of further program cuts

      Provost Pipes also pointed to the many on-going construction projects on
      campus and explained that the funding for these projects has come from
      sources limited specifically to those projects. Finally, Provost Pipes
      provide statistics on class size and tuition from 1987 to 1991,
      revealing a pattern of continued growth on both the undergraduate and
      graduate levels.


      Senate President Taggart announced the beginning of the University
      United Fund Campaign, urging faculty to contribute. He also reported
      that the Committee on Committees and Nominations will be reviewing the
      procedures of four Senate committees during the year: the Committee on
      Faculty Welfare and Privileges, Rules Committees, Committee on Graduate
      Studies, and the Committee on Student and Faculty Honors.


      Item A was a resolution introduced by Senator Schweizer at the September
      meeting that parents be informed that fraternities and sororities are
      not supervised by University resident life staff members.

      After some discussion and a question about the role of the Greek Life
      Task Force currently being formed, the following resolution was defeated
      by the Senate:

            BE IT RESOLVED, that all of the parents of students who are
            members of live-in social organizations be advised, in writing,
            that the University does not have Residence Life staff members
            residing in social organizations' housing units.


      Item A on the Agenda was a set of resolutions offered by the Committee
      on Promotions and Tenure (R. Settle, Chairperson), for the provision of
      a parental leave policy to be added to the Faculty Handbook under Leave
      of Absence, Section III.O., and a policy that enables parents or newly-
      born or adopted children to extend the pre-tenure probationary period by
      one year per child to a maximum of two years, to be included in the
      Faculty Handbook at Section III. L. 4 under Tenure.

      After discussion of the history of the proposed policies, the reasons
      for omitting other analogous reasons for extending the pre-tenure
      probationary period, the issue of equity, and questions of policy
      administration, the following resolutions were approved by the Senate:

      WHEREAS,    many younger faculty find it difficult to meet teaching,
                  research, and service expectations as new parents, and

      WHEREAS,    a reasonable solution for some faculty is to allow a
                  temporary suspension of professional duties, be it therefore

      RESOLVED,   that the Faculty Handbook, Section III. O., page III-0-2,
                  under Leave of Absence, be revised to include the following
                  statement:  (A copy of the current policy is attached for
                  your information.)

                  A faculty member who becomes the parent of a newborn or
                  newly-adopted child and who wishes time off for child care
                  purposes, may choose to take a parental leave of absence. 
                  Parental leave may be granted for up to one year for each
                  child, with a maximum of two years per faculty member. 
                  Parental leave is without pay.  Time spent on parental leave
                  shall not be counted in determining eligibility for
                  sabbatical leave.  This policy is intended to establish a
                  faculty member's entitlement to a minimum standard, not to
                  replace other informal or flexible arrangements that may be
                  worked out between a faculty member and his or her
                  Department chair.  Request for parental leave, when
                  possible, should be made one semester in advance by written
                  request to the department chair or program director, Dean of
                  the College and the Office of the Provost.

                  and be it further

      RESOLVED,   that the Faculty Handbook, Section III. L. 4, page III-L-1,
                  under Tenure, be revised to include the following statement: 
                  (A copy of the current policy is attached for your

                  An untenured faculty member who becomes the parent of a
                  newborn or newly-adopted child may choose to take a one-year
                  extension of the pre-tenure probationary period for each
                  child, up to a maximum of two years.  The extension shall be
                  granted upon written request to the department chair or
                  program director, with notification to the Dean of the
                  College and the Office of the Provost.  Faculty who choose
                  this option must indicate in writing that they have done so
                  in their dossier.

      The Senate adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                    Judith Roof
                                    University Faculty Senate