October 5, 1992


Senators not in attendance were:                Gene Bartlett, Barbara
                                                Curry, Peter Roe

Senators excused were:            Charles Boncelet, Christine Cannon,
                                  Alexander Doberenz, Beth Haslett, Larry
                                  Holmes, James Kirby, Betty Paulanka,
                                  Michelle Provost-Craig, Chandra Reedy,
                                  Daniel Rich, Elaine Safer, Jack Smith,
                                  Roger Steiner


      The Senate adopted the Agenda as printed.


      The Senate approved the Minutes of the Meeting of September 14
      as distributed.

      Senate President Lomax yielded the floor to President Roselle who
      outlined the events that occurred at West Towers on the morning
      of September 20, 1992.  Continuing with a description of the
      ensuing meetings between University personnel and concerned
      students and parents, the walk around campus by Concerned Black
      Students, and the written demands made by them, President Roselle
      explained that the University could not acquiesce to the Concerned
      Black Students' demands since doing so would infringe on the rights
      of others to due process and would contravene the University's
      investigation.  President Roselle delineated the steps of the
      University's inquiry into the incidents and indicated the status of
      pending civil and criminal charges against some of those involved.


      University Provost Pipes discussed contemporary criticism of higher
      education and particularly of higher education's performance of the
      implied "contract" between faculty and students.  He stated that his
      intention to both discern the truth of and allay such criticisms
      prompted him to make certain that course syllabi containing
      necessary information were being provided at the beginning of the
      term and to see if the full semester course hours were being
      utilized.  He called upon the Faculty Senate to engage itself in an
      evaluation of course delivery and procedures and general
      instructional policies.  The Provost invited the faculty to work with
      administration to improve course scheduling and facility use and
      responded to questions concerning the status of program review,
      about whether more complaints have been received about
      instruction at the University of Delaware, and about whether
      instructional facilities and support should also be considered.


      Senate President Lomax had no announcements.

      There was no old business.


      Item A.  The Senate considered the following motion from the
      Faculty Senate Executive Committee: 

            WHEREAS,          the University should have a statement
                              identifying its purpose and goals, and

            WHEREAS,          several committees developed a statement of
                              mission for the University during the
                              processes of first the Focused Vision effort,
                              and then the Middle States Accreditation
                              Self-Study, and

            WHEREAS,          the content and principles of a statement of
                              mission should reflect the consensus of the
                              faculty, and

            WHEREAS,          it is the responsibility of the Faculty Senate
                              to consider a statement of mission, be it

           RESOLVED,     that the University Faculty Senate approves as the
                         statement of mission, the "Mission Statement for
                         the University" and also recommends its approval
                         by the Board of Trustees.
      After hearing about the genesis and history of the proposed
      document and asking the purpose of such a statement, and
      where it would appear, Senators commented that the document
      tries to say too much, is too general, should be much shorter, is
      too repetitive, is doomed to be too repetitive and general, doesn't
      rule anything out, is irrelevant, has some problematic
      phraseology, and doesn't define clearly what the University
      should be.  After discussion, the Senate approved a motion to
      send the proposed statement of mission back to a Committee, to
      be determined by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.  Such
      Committee will revise the statement of mission, taking into
      account the Senate's comments about the statement and about
      potential community participation.  The Senate defeated a motion
      that proposed a wide community distribution of the document.

      Item B.  Vice President Sharkey proposed the following motion:

            WHEREAS,          the University does not have a concise
                              statement that communicates ideals to
                              which the community should aspire, and

            WHEREAS,          the University Faculty Senate is interested
                              in the campus community as it influences
                              the learning and social growth of
                              individuals, therefore be it

            RESOLVED,         that the University Faculty Senate authorize
                              the Executive Committee to appoint an ad
                              hoc task force to prepare a statement that
                              expresses the ideals to which the University
                              community should aspire, and be it further

           RESOLVED,     that the ad hoc task force prepare this
                         statement for the February meeting of the
                         University Faculty Senate.

     President Lomax adjourned the meeting at 5:25 p.m.

                                  Respectfully submitted,

                                  Judith Roof
                                  Senate Secretary