OCTOBER 2, 1995


Senators excused were:  Kenneth Biederman, Maurice Cope, Steven
                        Helmling, Betty Paulanka, Shawn Phillips, Willy
                        Riemer, Roland Smith, Carolyn Thoroughgood

Senators absent were:   Christine Heyrman, Arnold Kerr, Bill Lawson,
                        Duane Milne, Lynn Snyder-Mackler


      The agenda was approved as submitted.


      The minutes of the September 11, 1995 meeting were approved as


      Provost Schiavelli spoke about the budgetary problems of the
      library.  Citing that we have an excellent library, the Provost
      called attention to the fact that the library has continued to
      receive a large percentage increase in its budget each year for
      the last five or six years in an attempt to keep pace with the
      approximately 15% increase each year in the cost of library
      materials.  However, the projected 23% increases that are
      predicted for the coming years clearly outpace the 5% or 6% annual
      increases at the University.

      The Provost remarked that the library must provide access to the
      continually increasing amounts of information for the scholars and
      students on campus.  It will be periodically necessary to review
      the way we spend the library materials budget.  He asked that the
      faculty cooperate in the next few months with library staff as
      they try to find ways to balance the expenditures on the monograph
      collection and serial subscriptions, and to find effective ways to
      provide access to information in a timely manner.


      1.    Professor John Burmeister made remarks on the certification
            of the athletic programs of the University.  He explained
            that the National Collegiate Athletic Association has
            embarked on a new program of certification which will
            involve an in-depth study of all athletic programs in
            Division I.

            The certification procedure includes a one-year self-study
            followed by visits to campus of an evaluation team next
            October.  He requested that the Senators alert their
            constituents to the fact that the certification program has
            started, and he described the committee structure that has
            been set up to consider the several aspects of the
            certification procedure.  Much data must be gathered,
            assistance will be needed, and comments and concerns about
            the athletic program are welcome and should be directed to
            the appropriate committee.

            Associate Provost Andersen commented that we should also be
            aware that we are in our five-year periodic review from the
            Middle States Higher Education Program.  Some of the efforts
            to provide the required study will be dovetailed with the
            work of the committees overseeing the athletic
            certification.  Other faculty will be called on to help with
            the Middle States certification as well.

      2.    President Hall then reminded senators to identify themselves
            for the record during any debate on issues before the Senate
            and to please call the Senate Office, in advance if
            possible, if it is necessary for a senator to miss a Senate



      A.    Recommendation from the Committee on Graduate Studies (K.
            Koford, Chairperson) for revision to the Graduate Catalog.  

            Professor Koford informed the Senate that the recommendation
            was intended to update and clarify these rules in light of
            the experience of the Graduate Studies Office over the last
            several years.  He explained that the changes were not
            substantial.  The following motion carried unanimously
            without debate:

                  WHEREAS,    the policies for academic probation and
                              termination and separation from graduate
                              study require updating, clarification, and
                              revision, and

                  WHEREAS,    procedures for dismissal require clear
                              specification of the rules faced by
                              students and administrators, and

                  WHEREAS,    rules for probation and dismissal should
                              not treat students on assistantship
                              differently from other students, while
                              students who have GPAs below 3.0
                              throughout their academic career should
                              face termination before completion of
                              their coursework, and

                  WHEREAS,    at the request of the previous Associate
                              Provost for Graduate Studies, Carol
                              Hoffecker, the Graduate Studies Committee
                              of the Faculty Senate considered numerous
                              alternatives and found clearly that the
                              existing policies required change, be it

                  RESOLVED,   that the Faculty Senate approves the
                              following rules for probation, dismissal,
                              and separation from the University, to
                              replace the current rules for "Review of
                              the Graduate Grade Point Average,"
                              "Academic Probation Policy," and
                              "Termination of Enrollment" in the
                              Graduate Catalog, page 30, with the

[The policies updating the Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures are

Academic Deficiency, Probation and Dismissal Policy.

      The cumulative G.P.A. after every 9-hour increment determines
academic standing.  A student's academic status is determined by
cumulate G.P.A. according to the following chart:

      If a student is on:           And gets an             The status
                                    index of:               will become:

      Any status (or clear)         3.0 or above            Clear
      Clear                         2.99-2.5                Warning
      Clear                         2.49-2.0                Probation
      Probation                     Below 3.0               Termination
      Warning                       Below 3.0               Probation
      Any status (or clear)         Below 2.0               Termination

Graduation and Separation from Graduate Studies.

      The Office of Graduate Studies notifies students when they have
met all degree requirements.


      The Office of Graduate Studies notifies students when they are
dismissed from graduate programs without completing a degree. 
Dismissals usually take place at the end of a term.  Students may be
dismissed for the following reasons:

o     Upon the expiration of the five-year time limit for master's
      degree programs or for those students in a doctoral program who
      were admitted with a master's degree.  Upon the expiration of the
      seven-year time limit for doctoral students who were admitted
      without a master's degree.

o     Upon the completion of nine graduate credits or two years as a
      visiting student who has been admitted with visiting (transient)
      status for the purpose of transferring credits earned to another

o     Upon the completion of ten consecutive semesters for an Unlimited
      Nondegree student.

o     Upon the failure to meet the grade point average requirements as
      stated in the policy on Academic Deficiency, Probation, and

o     Upon written notice to the Office of Graduate Studies of voluntary
      withdrawal from the program.

o     Upon the failure to pass the preliminary, language, or candidacy
      examinations, dissertation proposal defense, or dissertation
      defense when a department of the University has a policy that such
      failure leads to dismissal from the program.

o     Upon the failure to achieve a cumulative grade point average of
      3.0 upon the completion of the stated number of required credits
      for a degree.

o     Upon the failure to meet the stated minima in specific course
      requirements as identified by individual programs when a
      department has a policy that such failure leads to dismissal from
      the program.

      B.    Recommendation from the Committee on Budgetary and Space
            Priorities (L. Mosberg, Chairperson) on the relinquishment
            of a portion of University land for the construction of a
            new train station.

            Professor Bellamy asked for an explanation of the location
            of the land.  Professor Mosberg, chairperson of the
            Committee on Budgetary and Space Priorities, deferred to
            Professor Dohms from the College of Agriculture for an
            explanation.  Professor Dohms explained that the plot of
            land in question was to the left of the railroad bridge on
            South College Avenue and is presently the site of an
            experimental corn breeding plot.  The access point that is
            being requested is through land around the dairy farm.  He
            explained that there are a number of faculty research
            efforts in that area.

            President Hall said that it was his understanding that the
            administration's proposal is that land presently devoted to
            parking at the Chrysler plant should be used instead of
            University research land.

            There being no further discussion, the following resolution
            was carried unanimously: 

                  WHEREAS,    the Delaware Department of Transportation
                              has proposed an option which would require
                              the University of Delaware to relinquish a
                              portion of its land for the construction
                              of a new train station in Newark, and

                  WHEREAS,    this land constitutes substantial acreage
                              of land assigned to the College of
                              Agriculture for research purposes, and

                  WHEREAS,    important agricultural research is
                              conducted at this and adjacent sites and
                              will so continue in the foreseeable
                              future, and

                  WHEREAS,    the University has suggested reasonable
                              alternatives to DELDOT which would not
                              interfere with the use of University
                              agricultural research facilities, be it

                  RESOLVED,   that the University Faculty Senate is
                              resolutely opposed to relinquishing this
                              valuable research facility, 

                  AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,

                              that the University Faculty Senate
                              strongly supports the University
                              Administration's decision and efforts to
                              maintain this land for University research

      C.    Introduction of New Business

            No new business was introduced.  The meeting was adjourned
            at 4:30 p.m.

                                          Respectfully submitted,

                                          Thomas Angell
                                          University Faculty Senate