December 3, 2001


104 Gore Hall                                                                                                              4:00 p.m.


Members Absent:  Thomas Angell,  Annette Giesecke, Michael Ginzberg, Linda Gottfredson, David Legates, Ikem Okoye, Sheldon Pollack, Ajay Prasad, Andre Rosay, Beth Schubert, Steven Tague,


Members Excused:  Martha Buell, Jay Custer, Thomas Evans, Paul Evenson, Maureen Foley, Joseph Glutting, Mark Radosevich, T. W. Fraser Russell, Wendy Samter,  Satoshi Tamioki


I.          Meeting was convened by Senate President Jim Richards at 4:00 PM.


II.         The meeting agenda was adopted unanimously.


III.       The minutes of the meeting of November 5, 2001 were approved unanimously.


IV.       Announcements - Jim Richards


A.  Due to the limited business of today’s meeting, video streaming will be done at the next Faculty Senate meeting (2/11/02) with the URL posted the Friday prior to the meeting.  Interactive web conferencing for Faculty Senate meetings is still being discussed, so for the time being its implementation is on-hold.


B.  The English Language Institute (ELI) is currently not attached to any academic unit.  It will be incorporated into CHEP (College of Human Services, Education & Public Policy).  This was a unanimous wish by ELI as CHEP was deemed the best fit of any existing UD college.


V.        Announcements for Challenge


A.  Revision of the major in Theater Production:  Revision 1 is to require either THEA 200 or THEA 202 to be taken by student majors; currently both are required.   Revision 2 is to require 6 credits of THEA 407 Practicum for Majors instead of 10 credits.  There was no challenge.


B.  Revision of the Communication major: Mass Communications concentration to change from 9 to 6 credits and Interpersonal Communications concentration to change from 12 to 9 credits.  There was no challenge.


VI.       The meeting adjourned at 4:06 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Dallas Hoover