DECEMBER 2, 1996


Senators excused were:  Steve Bennett, Anna Bryan, David Ermann, John
                        Gallagher, Steven Helmling, William Idsardi,
                        Jeffrey Jordan, Leslie Reidel, Leonard Schwartz,
                        Carolyn Thoroughgood, J. Herbert Waite    

Senators absent were:   Shawn Phillips, Roland Smith


      The agenda was approved as modified by moving the election to the
      beginning of the meeting, and as amended by means of a
      modification of the agenda distributed by campus mail.


      The Minutes of the November 4, 1996 meeting were approved as


      There were no remarks.


      President Palley announced that there would be no January meeting
      of the Senate, and that the February meeting would take place on
      the second Monday, February 10.  She also announced that the
      Senate Committee on Committees and Nominations had constituted a
      new General Education Committee, to be chaired by Professor Carol 
      Hoffecker.  She conveyed a request from Professor Hoffecker for
      input from Senate members.

      Ballots for election of someone to fill a one semester position on
      the Committee on Committees and Nominations were filled out and
      collected.  Jon Olson was elected.


      The following three announcements were accepted, after
      clarification concerning the role of Computer Science 105 under
      Item 1:  

            1.  Revision of the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE)
            2.  Revision of the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BME)
            3.  Revision of the Master of Instruction


      There was no old business.


      A.    The recommendation of the Committee on Graduate Studies with
            the concurrence of the Coordinating Committee on Education,
            to extend the provisional status of the Ph.D. Program in Art
            Conservation was approved as stated in the resolution below:

                  WHEREAS,    the Ph.D. Program in Art Conservation
                              Research will have students complete
                              dissertations in this academic year, and

                  WHEREAS,    the 1995 external review of this program
                              indicated the importance of such
                              dissertations before making the
                              provisional program permanent, be it

                  RESOLVED,   that the provisional status of the Ph.D.
                              in Art Conservation Research be extended
                              to the Fall of 1997, and be it further

                  RESOLVED,   that in the Fall of 1997, the Committee on
                              Graduate Studies will reconsider the issue
                              of permanent status and forward its
                              recommendation to the Coordinating
                              Committee on Education for action by the
                              Faculty Senate during the 1997-98 academic

      B.    The recommendation of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies
            to amend the Undergraduate Catalog by inserting a new policy
            on academic dismissal was approved as in the resolution
            stated below:

                  WHEREAS,    the University policy currently states
                              that "Academic probation or dismissal may
                              result when a student index for any
                              semester drops below 1.25, or when the
                              quality point deficit is more than 12.99
                              points," and

                  WHEREAS,    it is difficult to justify dropping
                              students from the University based on one
                              term's performance if their cumulative GPA
                              is 2.0 or better, and

                  WHEREAS,    the practice of dropping students based on
                              a one term index only has not been
                              followed for years in any of the colleges,
                              be it therefore

                  RESOLVED,   that the policy for academic dismissal
                              located in the Undergraduate Catalog,
                              under "Scholastic Standing," Probation,
                              paragraph 4, page 16, be revised as
                              follows:  [Underlined words are to be

                        Probation:  When a baccalaureate degree
                        candidate has a cumulative grade-point index
                        below 2.0, the Committee on Undergraduate
                        Records and Certification places the student on
                        Academic Probation if the quality-point deficit
                        is 12.99 or less.  Upon the recommendation of
                        the appropriate college dean, the committee may
                        place a student on probation if the index for
                        any semester is 1.25 or less, even if the
                        cumulative index is above a 2.0.

                  AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,

                        that page 17 of the Undergraduate Catalog, under 
                        Procedure for Readmission of Undergraduate
                        Students Dismissed for Academic Deficiency be
                        revised as follows:  [Underlined words are to be

                        Undergraduates may be dismissed for academic
                        deficiency when their index for any semester is
                        less than 1.25 or when the quality-point deficit
                        is more than 12.99 points.....

            Robert Taggart, Chairperson of the Committee on
            Undergraduate Studies, explained that the policy being
            recommended was the policy currently being used by the
            administrators of the undergraduate colleges.

      C.    A "Sense of the Senate Resolution" concerning current
            searches, introduced by Professor Victor Martuza,
            Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Diversity and
            Affirmative Action, was returned to the committee after
            debate.  In his presentation of the resolution, Chairperson
            Martuza noted the total absence of minority incumbents among
            major academic administrators and the limited pool of
            minority candidates in the pool when the search is internal 
            to the University.

            Salient points raised in the discussion of the resolution
            were questions of precedent for such a resolution;
            information that there has been an increase in the percent
            of African-Americans in the EEO category of
            Executive/Administrative while the percent of African-
            Americans among faculty has actually declined; suggestions
            from several Senators that it would be unfortunate to redo
            the searches for the Deans of the new colleges at this point
            in their development; a suggestion that the three
            resolutions be acted upon separately; a request for
            clarification as to whether the resolution actually calls
            for external searches in every future search, and whether
            "external searches" as understood by the committee could
            include internal candidates (the answer to both questions
            was yes).  A motion to return the resolution as stated below
            to the Faculty Senate Committee on Diversity and Affirmative
            Action was adopted by a vote of 31 to 17 with 4 abstentions:

                  WHEREAS,    the University of Delaware has recently
                              reaffirmed its commitment to it long-
                              standing Affirmative Action Policy, and

                  WHEREAS,    the University of Delaware has never had a
                              minority college dean and internal
                              searches tend to restrict the pool of
                              highly qualified minority candidates, and

                  WHEREAS,    financial exigency has not been given as
                              the reason for adopting internal search
                              procedures at this time, be it therefore

                  RESOLVED,   that the current internal searches for the
                              two Dean positions for the two new merged
                              colleges be used to identify interim
                              appointments only, and be it further

                  RESOLVED,   that national searches be initiated no
                              later than September 1, 1997 to identify
                              the best leadership for the new colleges.
                              and be it further

                  RESOLVED,   that extraordinary efforts be instituted
                              to identify and encourage applications
                              from outstanding internal and external
                              minority candidates in all present and
                              future search efforts for both
                              administrators and faculty.

      There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:50

                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                    Frank Dilley
                                    University Faculty Senate