April 14, 1997

Senators Excused: Margaret Birney, Stuart Cooper, John Gallagher, 
William Idsardi, Edward Kerner, Roger Murray, Albert Neal, Shawn
Phillips, Mary Richards, Leonard Schwartz, Lyn Snyder-Mackler

Senators Absent: Steve Bennett, Edmund Bunkse, Chris Cannon,
Barbara Curry, John Gallagher, Joseph Glutting, Paul Hooper, Mark 
Huddleston, Dana Johnson, John Nye, Larry Kalkstein, Lesley Knapp,
John Kraft, Jessica Krumerman, Francis Kwansa, Ajay Manrai,
Carolyn Thoroughgood, D. Alan Waterfield, Peter Vagenas, Richard

      President Palley opened the adjourned meeting, reminding the
Senators present that Draft Resolutions #1 - #4, as amended, of
the Revision of the University Guidelines for Faculty Promotion
and Tenure, had been adopted by vote of the Senate on April 7, and
that the purpose of this meeting was to consider Resolutions #5 -
10.  The text of those resolutions was appended to the Agenda of
the Meeting of April 7.

      Resolution #5 faced some questions about the meaning of such
phrases as "in concert," and members of the Task Force explained
that there was no intent to impose any other relationship between 
administration and faculty groups that independently consider
promotion cases than that which now exists.

      The resolution was adopted without amendment.

      Resolution #6 was amended by inserting the words "the
Provost will provide reasons in writing"  in the text of the
document and also by inserting the words "by departmental policy" 
into the Calendar which accompanies the document, and then the
resolution was adopted.

      Resolution #7 was discussed, and after it was amended by
reinserting the first deleted sentence, stating that it is the
individual's responsibility to present the best case ...", the
resolution was adopted.  Other issues discussed were whether it
would be a good thing to require external evaluators for teaching,
whether the service statement should indicate more fully types of
service and criteria, and whether peer reviewers must be at or
above the rank of the person being reviewed.  No amendments were
offered on these matters.

      Resolution #8 was intended to put into writing that
candidates for tenure would be allowed to choose the policy that
was in effect at the time of hiring.  It was noted that this rule 
does not apply to persons already tenured with regard to future
promotions.  The resolution was adopted.

      It was pointed out that the intent of Resolution #9 is to
highlight its specific variations on the common theme, and that
departments which have such variations will be expected to write a
document pointing out those distinctive features, and that those
documents will be reviewed by the usual committees and
administrators.  The resolution was adopted.

      Resolution #10 sets forth the calendar governing the
submission of revised tenure and promotion documents, setting June
1998 as the deadline for receipt of such documents.  The
resolution was passed.

      There followed some discussion of the date on which this
whole new policy, as adopted by Resolutions #1 - 10, would become 
effective.  The Senate adopted the date of January 1. 1998, as the
date on which the new calendar and provisions would become
effective, which means that promotions for the 1997-98 year will
be governed by the old policy and calendar, while those for 1998-
99 will be governed by the new policy and calendar.

      The purpose for the adjourned meeting having been
accomplished, the meeting was adjourned at 5:20.

                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Frank Dilley
                        University Faculty Senate