May 4, 1998


SENATORS EXCUSED: John Bulkowski, Costel Denson, Leslie Homzie, Clifford Keil, John Kraft, Mary Beth Miele, John Nye, Michael Peterson, Daniel Rich, Frederic Stiner, Carolyn Thoroughgood, Richard Wolvers


SENATORS ABSENT; John Gallagher, Thomas Ilvento, Jeffrey Jordan, Ludwig Mosberg, Nancy Nobile, Annette Shine, Victor Spinski




The agenda was adopted.




The minutes of the April 13, 1998 meeting of the Senate were approved as amended. The appropriate section of the Promotion and Tenure document for the College of Engineering should read:


RESOLVED that in the Promotion and Tenure Committee of the College of Engineering...votes on the candidates from his/her own department at the College level, but neither participates nor votes at the department level.




Voting members of the Senate having received a ballot in their voting cards, the following officers and committee members were elected by secret ballot:


President-Elect Mark Huddleston

Vice-President Susan McGeary (two year)

Secretary Karen Stein (one year)

Member, Committee James Newton (two year)

On Committees

Members, Rules Ardeshir Faghri (one year)

Committee Connie Vickery (one year)




Provost Schiavelli continued his report on the Admissions class for next year, announcing that the number of students who had accepted offers of admission and paid their deposits was at the same level as last year, and their qualifications were stronger. The pool of applicants was larger than last year, and the Ayield@ rate (offers accepted versus offers made) was up as well. Next year=s entering class should be exactly on target in terms of numbers, higher in terms of quality.




President Carroll announced that a full copy of the faculty complaint procedures will be sent to all faculty, and reminded committee chairs that the Senate office would be closed from June 30 to September 1, and that any items to be included in the September agenda needed to be presented to the Executive Committee this month.


President Carroll moved to the four Items for Challenge, and there were no challenges to two of the items, with a challenge to the third made and then withdrawn on the basis of further information.


1. The Senate voted to approve the proposal to reduce the number of credits of independent study which could be applied to the Art Conservation masters Degree from twelve to six, after having defeated an amendment to further reduce those hours to three. Professor Hilton Brown, who was the author of the amendment, spoke against a number of recent changes which had been made in that program. This was followed by replies from the director of the Art Conservation program, Graduate Committee Chair Robert Hampel and Vice Provost Cavanaugh. The approved document is attached to the minutes.


2. The proposal to create an MBA Concentration in Information Technology was challenged by Senator Saydam, of the Computer and Information Sciences Department. Information supplied at the Senate meeting was sufficient to satisfy his questions and the challenge was withdrawn.


3. Because of insufficient information, proposed revision in the MA and PhD Program originating the Department of Mathematical Sciences were returned to the Department and the committee on Graduate Studies.


4. The proposal by the Department of Biological Sciences to change the minimum grade for the chemistry, physics and mathematics courses required in the vaiours Biological Sciences majors from D- to D was unchallenged and hence was approved. It affects the degrees of BA in Biological Sciences, BA in Biological Sciences Education, and BS in Biological Sciences with concentration in Biotechnology.





A. The list of approved committee appointments was confirmed. (Please see attachment)


B. Dr. Jon Olson was elected Chair of the Committee on Committees and Nominations by secret ballot.


C. The following proposal originating in the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Study was adopted after some discussion of its intent. New degree programs are approved by the Senate for a limited time period, and a time limit is set for review for permanent stats by the Senate. Many of the programs concerned have begun the review process, and some have formally requested and have obtained deferments from the Senate. Senators approved the following resolutions:


Resolved: that any undergraduate academic program with provisional status that are delinquent as of March 31, 1999 be suspended from enrolling new majors.


D. There was considerable discussion of the proposal originating in the Faculty Welfare and Privileges Committee to provide an early warning procedure for faculty against whom complaints had been made relating to their conduct in the classroom. No one objected to the idea of early warnings, but there were many objections to the proposal as recommended. A motion to return the proposal to the committee for further consideration of broader issues carried.


E. After some discussion about the kinds of test used and the meaning of test scores, and about the meaning of the phrase Ano appeals@ (students may retake the tests but many not appeal the test scores), an amended policy originating in the Senate Committee on Graduate Studies Committee on SPEAK and UDIA test scores for International Teaching Assistants was approved. The text of the revised policy is attached to the minutes.


F. The following resolution from the Senate Committee on Diversity and Affirmative Action was adopted, after discussion. The intention of the resolution is to reaffirm Faculty Senate support for the University=s policy on Affirmative Action on searches involving permanent faculty vacancies, and to call on search committees to engage in extraordinary efforts and to recruit faculty, where appropriate, who can teach on diversity issues. The text of the resolution is attached, having been amended slightly by friendly amendment to make clear that the resolution was addressed to searches to fill permanent positions.


RESOLVED: that for all current and future searches to fill vacancies, extraordinary efforts be instituted to identify outstanding minority candidates; and be it further


RESOLVED: to recruit faculty, where appropriate, who can teach on diversity issues, non-western culture and topics related to domestic and international ethnic diversity in addition to narrow and specialized subject matter, all searches to fill permanent faculty vacancies be national and international in scope.




The time for adjournment having arrived, President Carroll adjourned the meeting, having thanked the Senate staff, the members of the Executive Committee and all the chairs of Senate Committees, and members of the Senate for their cooperation during the past year.



Respectfully Submitted,


Frank B. Dilley, Secretary

University Faculty Senate




Art Conservation Masters Degree

Appointments for Confirmation

Revised SPEAK and UDIA Scores for ITA Instructional Assignment