September 14, 1992                   
Senator not in attendance was:  Michelle Provost-Craig             
Senators excused were:        Susan Amert, Charles Boncelet, John Nye, 
                              Betty Paulanka, R. Byron Pipes, Mary 
                              Richards, David P. Roselle, Stuart   
                              Sharkey, Carolyn Thoroughgood        
I.      ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA                                     
        The Senate adopted the Agenda as presented.                
II.     APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES                                    
        The Senate approved the Minutes as submitted.              
III.    REMARKS BY VICE PROVOST ANDERSEN                           
        Vice Provost Andersen discussed the possible need for more 
        budget reductions for 1993-94, announced the appointments of   
        Dr. Costel Denson as Interim Vice Provost for Research, Dr.
        Carol Hoffecker as Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, 
        Dr. Larry Donnelley as Associate Provost for International 
        Programs and Special Sessions, and her own change of title 
        to Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.  She also noted that 
        Dr. Stanley Sandler is serving as Interim Dean of the      
        College of Engineering and that the new Dean, Dr. Stuart   
        Cooper, will begin in January.  Vice Provost Andersen      
        reported that the University of Delaware received its      
        reaccreditation from the Middle States Higher Education    
        Commission and thanked all who participated in the review  
        process.  She announced the establishment of the first     
        Distinguished Alumni Professorship to be awarded to a senior   
        faculty member for outstanding contributions to teaching and   
        indicated the nomination processes.                        
IV.     ANNOUNCEMENTS                                              
        Senate President Lomax introduced members of the Senate    
        Executive Committee and explained Senate procedures and E- 
V.      NEW BUSINESS                                               
        Item A.  The Senate elected David Smith (Life and Health   
        Sciences) as Chairperson of the Committee on Committees and
        Item B.  Recommendation from the Committee on Graduate     
                  Studies (R. Dalrymple, Chairperson 91-92) with the   
                  concurrence of the Coordinating Committee on Education   
                  (K. Lomax, Chairperson 91-92) for provisional    
                  approval of a new degree called Master of Arts in
                  Economics for Educators.  After an explanation of why
                  the Program was being shifted from the College of
                  Education, the Senate approved the following:    

                  WHEREAS,    the Center for Economic Education in the 
                              College of Business and Economics has
                              administered a masters program for   
                              teachers since 1981, and             
                  WHEREAS,    the program has been offered as one of   
                              the options in the Master of Instruction 
                              degree in the College of Education, and, 
                  WHEREAS,    the program is unique and different from 
                              the general requirements of the Master of
                              Instruction, be it therefore         
                RESOLVED,     that the Faculty Senate approves     
                              provisionally, for four years, the   
                              establishment of a new degree in the 
                              College of Business and Economics,   
                              entitled Master of Arts in Economics for 
                              Educators, and be it further         
                RESOLVED,     that the name Master of Instruction in   
                              Economic Education be discontinued, with 
                              the understanding that a student in the  
                              Master of Instruction program can choose 
                              economics as the area of emphasis.   
        Item C.  Recommendation from the Coordinating Committee on 
                Education (Lomax, Chairperson 91-92) for the creation  
                of a new Department in the College of Arts and Sciences
                entitled DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL THERAPY.  The Senate   
                discussed the potential size of the program, the   
                characteristics of its students, the status of its 
                faculty, the fact that the department will offer only a
                graduate major, how such a graduate program compares   
                with other programs in the field, the value of the 
                program for student recruitment, the establishment of a
                fee-for-service physical therapy clinic, who would be  
                able to use such a clinic, the relation of clinic income   
                to the cost of the program, the cost of adding a new   
                department during a period of budget reductions, and how   
                its costs would be balanced in the college and against 
                other possible budget reductions.  The Senate then voted       
                to approve the following resolution:               

                  WHEREAS,    the faculty in the graduate program for  
                              Physical Therapy were given the      
                              opportunity to request departmental  
                              status in the College of their choice,   
                  WHEREAS,    the College of Arts and Science, both the
                              College Senate and Dean Mary Richards,   
                              accepted the request from faculty in the 
                              Physical Therapy program to become a 
                              department, be it therefore          
                RESOLVED,     that the University Faculty Senate   
                              support the establishment of a new   
                              Department of Physical Therapy.      
        Item D.  Senator Haslett raised a question about copyright 
        policies in higher education which was referred to the     
        Executive Committee.                                       
        Senate President Lomax adjourned the meeting at 5:04 p.m.  
                                       Respectfully submitted,     
                                       Judith Roof                 
                                       Senate Secretary