September 13, 1993


Senators not in attendance were:          Barbara Curry, Roger Kobak,
                                          David Stone

Senators excused were:        John Cooper, Stuart Cooper, James Magee,
                              Betty Paulanka, Daniel Rich, David P. Roselle,
                              Janet Smith, Carolyn Thoroughgood

I.      ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA            

        The Senate adopted the Agenda as printed.


        The Senate approved the Minutes of the May 3 and May 10
        meetings as distributed.


        Provost Murray reviewed the growth of international activities at
        the University of Delaware.  The International Programs and
        Special Sessions Office, headed by Associate Provost Larry
        Donnelley, offers two types of programs abroad: general interest,
        taught mostly in English, and intensive language and cultural
        courses, taught in the language of the host country.  These
        courses are now offered in all terms with the Winter term being
        the most active.  There has been nearly a threefold growth in the
        registration for these programs in the last nine years.  The student
        cost for these programs are the normal Delaware tuition, lodging,
        and meals plus transportation.

        The Foreign Student and Scholar Services office, headed by Susan
        Lee, facilitates compliance with visa and other regulations for
        foreign visitors coming here and University students going abroad. 
        Currently there are 400 undergraduates, 800 graduate students
        and 255 visiting scholars (faculty, post doctoral, research
        associates, etc.); the total number of foreign visitors of all types
        is 1800, a 30 percent growth from a year ago.

        The English Language Institute, headed by Scott Stevens,
        provides intensive language courses for University teaching
        assistants and eight week language modules for foreign students
        seeking admission to U. S. schools.  It also provides specialized
        English courses to foreign businesses.

        These remarks demonstrate that the University of Delaware is
        becoming a more cosmopolitan institution and that international
        activities have grown significantly in a time of declining budgets.


        President Scott welcomed the Faculty Senate membership and
        urged all, particularly new members, to consider committee
        service.  The members of the Executive Committee, John
        McLaughlin, President-Elect, Jon Olson, Secretary, and David
        Smith, Chairperson of the Committee on Committees and
        Nominations, were introduced.  Senators are expected to attend
        the Senate meetings, and by Senate rules, two consecutive
        unexcused absences causes dismissal.  Excused absences are
        made by a call to the Senate Office, 2922.  The agenda is
        distributed a week prior to the meeting to provide time for
        Senators to prepare for the meetings.  The meetings normally are
        scheduled on the first Monday of each month in the Fall and
        Spring semesters.  This year the meetings will be on October 4,
        November 1, December 6, February 7, March 7, April 4, and May

        The October and April meetings will be preceded by a meeting of
        the general faculty.  The October Semi-Annual General Faculty
        meeting is scheduled to begin at 3:45 p.m. [this has since been
        changed to 3:30].  Senators will pick up their name cards at a
        table outside Room 110 Memorial.

        An Open Hearing for an interdisciplinary graduate program in
        Biomechanics and Movement Sciences will be held at 4:30 p.m.
        on September 27th in 006 Kirkbride.  In addition, the Executive
        Committee scheduled a special meeting for Senate Committee
        Chairpersons at 4:00 p.m. on September 20th in the Ewing Room
        of the Student Center.

        Senators are encouraged to respond to President Scott's Goals
        Statement with support, suggestions for modification or
        substitutions.  President Scott expressed her general wishes for
        productive discussions and accomplishments during the year.


        Item A.  Ballots were distributed for the election of the Senate
        Vice President.  At the end of this meeting, David Smith
        announced that Thomas Angell, Mathematical Sciences, was


        Item A.  It is the privilege of the Senate to elect the Chairperson
        of the Committee on Committees and Nominations from the three
        members elected to this Committee by the Senate.  Frank Dilley
        was the sole candidate this year and was elected by acclamation.

        Item B.  Recommendation from the Coordinating Committee on
        Education (B. Scott, Chairperson '92-'93), as modified by the
        1992-1993 Executive Committee to amend the Faculty Handbook
        on Examinations and Tests.  President Scott asked President-Elect
        John McLaughlin to preside for this item of business since she
        chaired the Committee which drafted the resolution.
        President Scott reviewed the history of this resolution.  It was
        originally drafted in 1980 to promote using the 14th week of the
        term for instruction and review and the 15th week for
        examinations.  Last Year Provost Pipes expressed his concern of
        the effectiveness of this policy statement.  The issue was referred
        to a large group of committees:  Undergraduate Studies, Graduate
        Studies, Faculty Welfare and Privileges, Research, and Student
        Life.  The reports of this group were sent to the Coordinating
        Committee on Education.      

        The resolution is presented below for completeness.  Words to be
        added are indicated in bold type.  Words to be deleted are
        indicated in italics and brackets.

         RESOLVED,      that the Examinations and Tests Policy in the
                        Faculty Handbook at II. "Selected Academic Policy
                        Statements," subsection 2. "Examinations and
                        Tests," page II-3 be amended as follows:

          2.  Examinations and Tests

             Final examinations or other end-of-the-semester assignments
             must [should] be given [according to the printed schedule
             issued by the Records Office.] in all courses.  Faculty will
             inform their chairperson and students of the nature of the
             end-of-the-semester assignment for each course at the
             beginning of each term.  [By prior arrangement with the
             department chairperson (or dean), the faculty member may
             use alternate means of evaluation.]  Because the University
             does not operate with a formal honor system, faculty are
             responsible for proper monitoring of examinations and tests.


             No examination, hourly examination, test, or quiz counting for
             25% [33 and one-third percent] or more of the semester's
             grade for any class (except laboratory exams) shall be given
             during the last week (five class days) of any regular
             semester.  There shall be a 24-hour break between the end
             of classes and the first examination which shall be designated
             Reading Day.  No examinations, tests, or quizzes may be
             given on Reading Day, to allow students to review for
             upcoming finals and to complete projects.  Examinations will
             occur according to the printed schedule issued by the
             Records Office. 

        President Scott then reviewed the changes in the resolution. 
        Senate members C. Cannon, F. Murray, J. Cavanaugh, and D.
        Smith questioned how the resolution applies to clinical practice,
        practice teaching, research courses extending over several terms,
        and student research projects.  Senators F. Murray, V. Klaff and
        B. Scott questioned if a term paper worth 50 percent of the
        course grade could be given a deadline of the 14th week under
        the resolution.  Senator F. Grubb observed that the existing
        wording of the first paragraph provides the flexibility needed to
        accommodate unique courses and assignments.  Vice Provost
        Andersen suggested that the first paragraph be rewritten to give
        faculty the right to exercise academic judgment on the appropriate
        evaluation for all courses and recalled that the third paragraph was
        drafted to force de facto final examinations to the examination

        At the request of President-Elect John McLaughlin, the resolution
        was recommitted to the Coordinating Committee on Education by

Senate President Scott adjourned the meeting at 4:50 p.m.

                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                    Jon Olson
                                    University Faculty Senate


A copy of the transcript and overheads used by Interim Provost Murray
are available in the Senate Office, 219 McDowell Hall.