Meeting Minutes

18 September 2006


104 Gore Hall                                                                                                  4:00 pm


I.             Adoption of the Agenda

II.          Approval of the Minutes: May 1, 2006

III.       Remarks: Provost Dan Rich—Introduced Havidan Rodriguez as the new Vice Provost for Academic and International Programs.  As the new year begins, the University has 70 new faculty, 3300 freshman (out of 22,000 applicants), 450 transfer students, and 1200 new graduate students. Early decision was eliminated in the spring, and the University received several favorable comments from guidance counselors, prospective students, and the press. 

Dr. Rich reported that University of Delaware Middle States Periodic Review Report has been returned with comments.  The comments were very favorable, especially in the area of assessment.  The report is available at the Faculty Senate website (  The report can still be modified, send any comments to Havidan Rodriguez (

The University is conducting a review of all graduate programs.  This is being undertaken to identify best practices and to maintain and improve the quality of graduate education. A goal of the University is to increase the number of graduate students from about 3400 to 4000.

IV.        Announcements: Senate President Dallas Hoover
The Faculty Senate new website is now online ( The website for course revisions is being update and is currently not available. The registrar’s office will send an e-mail to all faculty announcing when the course revision form is available.  The Executive Council is continuing the process of evaluating the Faculty Senate committees. Last year Student life and Undergraduate Studies were examined, and this year Diversity and Affirmative Action and Student and Faculty Honors will be examined.

V.           Consent Agenda

A.     Announcements for Challenge:  None

B.     Resolutions: None

VI.              Regular Agenda

A.     Old Business:  None 

B.     New Business: None 

VII.           Introduction of New Business

Such items as may come before the Senate.  (No motion introduced under new business, except a motion to refer to committee, shall be acted upon until the next meeting of the Senate.)

Adjourned 4:30.

Submitted by Donald Lehman