University Faculty Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2003

3:30 PM

104 Gore Hall



I.  President Roselle convened the meeting at 3:47 PM.


II.  Memorials were given.

                A.  Betty Pivanka read for Annalee DeHaven. 

B.  Carolyn Thoroughgood read for Franklin C. Daiber.

                C.  Barbara Settles read for Tamara Haraven.


III.  Dr. Roselle presented remarks on the current state of the University.  He noted that the financial constraints in 2003 involved declining state support, diminished returns on the endowment, and increased costs of operation.  He said a high priority is maintenance of academic programs, and in these economically depressed times there are opportunities to hire quality people.  He concluded by summarizing the many successes realized at the University over the past year.


IV.  Dr. Roselle adjourned the meeting at 4:30 PM.




University Faculty Senate

Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2003

104 Gore Hall


Members Absent:  C. Boncelet, J. Brown, P. Chapman, C. Cobanoglu, J. Dee, D. Freess, S. Gillan, D. Green, L. Harrison, M. Hoffman, D. Juan, A. Munchow, R. Nichols, J. Scholz, D. Seckel, S. Tomioka,


Members Excused: J. Barker, J. Blits, M. DeMent, C. Denson, Y. Kor, Cpt. O’Neil



I.  Faculty Senate President Jay Hildebrandt called the meeting to order at 4:32 PM.  The agenda was adopted unanimously.


II.  The minutes from the last meeting on March 10, 2003 were approved unanimously.


III.  Remarks.

A.  Jay Hildebrandt noted that Provost Dan Rich will not speak at today’s meeting, and added that Avron Abraham will speak at the May meeting of the Faculty Senate on the Gen Ed situation.

B.  Mary Ann Hitchens distributed a handout and overviewed the current NCAA certification of intercollegiate athletics at the University.

C.  Mike Keefe, chair of COCAN, requested volunteers from the Senate floor or nominations of people possibly willing to run for the elected positions of chair-elect, secretary, and chair of the COCAN committee.  Currently on the ballot these offices have candidates running unopposed.  It would be preferred that each office have two candidates running in the election.


IV.  Announcements.

For purpose of information, Jay Hildebrandt noted the revision to the Graduate Program Policy Statement: Master of Science in Exercise Science.  Details are provided on the Faculty Senate website.


V.  Consent Agenda.

A.  Announcements for challenge.  There were no comments.  The items passed unanimously.

B.  Resolutions: None.


VI.  Agenda.

A.  Old Business: None.

B.  New Business: None.


VII.  Introduction of New Business: None.  Ken Koford, chair of the Undergraduate Studies Committee did state that his committee would report on their recommendations on the Global and Multicultural Requirements at the May meeting.


VIII.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM.



Respectfully submitted,


Dallas Hoover, secretary