10 February 2003

104 Gore Hall


Members absent:  John Bernstein, Charles Boncelet, Martha Buell, Juliet Dee, Stuart Gillan, Daniel Green, Michelle Guobadia, Danielle Juan, Vincent Martin, Ikem Okoye, Robin Payne, David Saunders, Leland Ware, Satoshi Tomioka


Members excused:  Jay Custer, Carol Denson, Dean Ginzberg, Ian Hall, Doug Miller, Pete O’Neil


I.  President Jay Hildebrandt called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM, and announced that there were changes to the printed agenda. 

A.  Two sets of meeting minutes were to be voted for approval today, those of                 November 4, 2002, and those of December 2, 2002.

B.  There would be no remarks made by Provost Dan Rich today, instead Mike Keefe, chair of COCAN, would speak.

                C.  Resolutions on Revisions to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Faculty                   Handbook would be voted upon under Old Business.


II.  The agenda was approved.  A recommendation was made requesting that questions and other discussion items to be included in the meeting minutes.  A response noted that the meetings were taped, and these tapes could be consulted for any discussion details.  The Faculty Senate meeting minutes of  November 4th and December 2nd were unanimously approved. 


III.  Mike Keefe announced solicitations for committee memberships and elected officers.  Mailings through campus mail soliciting volunteers would arrive in mailboxes shortly.


IV.  Announcement - Jay Hildebrandt.

Currently underway is an update of the UD faculty handbook.  Some sections are out-of-date and no longer functional.  The updated handbook will have computer links and capability for on-line search capacity.


V.  Vote on Consent Agenda - A. Announcements for Challenge were voted upon and approved unanimously.


VI.  Vote on Resolutions 1, 2 and 3 of Consent Agenda, B. - These were voted upon and approved unanimously.


VII.  Old Business - Vote on Resolution 1 of Agenda, Old Business:  Due to a redundancy in wording the following sentence was deleted as found in the February 3, 2003 letter from Jay Hildebrandt to the Faculty, Revision to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Faculty Handbook, page 2, Resolution 1, item 2.): “A Parliamentarian shall be chosen by the President and approved by the Executive Committee.”  This change and the resolution was voted upon and approved unanimously.


VIII.  The meeting was adjourned at 4: 33 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Dallas Hoover, secretary