7 October 2002

104 Gore Hall

3:30 PM





I.                    President Roselle convened the meeting at 3:30 PM and requested an adjustment in the order of the meeting agenda so that he could leave for a later appointment.  This placed the memorial tributes after his remarks and presentation.


Dr. Roselle gave an overview of the University of Delaware regarding recent events and activities held on campus as well as status of the physical grounds involving renovations and the opening of new facilities, such as the art building.  He noted that the successful 5-year campaign should reach $325 million upon completion.  After his remarks, a video presentation on the life of Pierre S. DuPont and the newly renovated P.S. DuPont Hall was shown.


II.      After the video presentation, Jay Hildebrandt, Faculty Senate President, introduced the presenters of the three memorial attributes.  They were:


Dean Robin Morgan who gave tribute to John C. Nye, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources.


Doug Tallamy, who gave tribute to Tom Wood, Department of Entomology & Applied Ecology.


Alice Eyman, who gave tribute to Jane Ilene Davidson, Department of Individual & Family Studies.


III.        Immediately after the memorial tributes, the General Faculty Meeting was adjourned when Jay Hildebrandt convened the Faculty Senate Meeting at 4:31 PM.



Respectfully submitted,




Dallas Hoover, Faculty Senate Secretary











7 October 2002


104 Gore Hall                                                                                                            4:00 PM


Members Absent:  Thomas Angell, Steve Bernhardt, Hayward Brock, Martha Buell, Melanie Dement, Daniel Green, Michelle Guobadia, Mary Jo Mankin, Robin Payne


Members Excused: Linda Gottfredson, Eric Kaler, Dianna McKeller, Doug Miller, T. W. Fraser Russell




I.                    Jay Hildebrant convened the Faculty Senate Meeting immediately after adjourning the General Faculty Meeting at 4:31 PM.


II.                 The agenda was adopted unanimously.


III.               Dan Rich, Provost, gave a presentation describing the students and faculty of the University of Delaware for 2002-2003.  (His presentation can be viewed on the UD website.)  Information that was presented included the current enrollment figures.  There are 21,289 students at UD of which 16,419 are undergraduates and 3,190 are graduate students; these numbers are the highest in UD history.  Undergraduate applications reached 20,362, which not only were the highest in UD history, but also included the highest number of out-of-state applications for any public institution in the country; the University of Michigan was second in this category this year.  The UD SAT average for the incoming freshman class was 1178, also the highest ever at UD.  Over 70% of all Delaware residents were accepted.  The 2002 graduating class had a 71% graduation rate for a five-year period.  There were 6,306 graduate applicants in 2002 with a 29% acceptance rate.  UD faculty now totals 1,123.


IV.              The minutes of the meeting of September 9, 2002 were approved     unanimously.


V.                 Announcements


Jay Hildebrandt announced that the Faculty Senate Committee on Welfare & Privileges has been asked to review the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.







VI.              The meeting was adjourned at 5:09 PM.



Respectfully submitted,




Dallas Hoover

Faculty Senate Secretary