University of Delaware

General Faculty Meeting Minutes

104 Gore Hall

Monday, 11 April 2005

3:30 PM



I.                    University President David Roselle convened the meeting. 

The following memorial tributes were read:


A.     Saul Hoffman gave a tribute for Ken Koford, Department of Economics


B.     James K. Oliver gave a tribute for A. LeRoy Bennett, Department of Political Science & International Relations [reader not present – memorial was deferred to the next meeting]


C.  Yaroslav Bilinsky gave a tribute for Yi-Chun (Patrick) Chang, Department of Political Science & International Relations [reader not present – memorial was deferred to the next meeting]


D.     John L. Burmeister gave a tribute for Dean Arnold L. Lippert, College of Arts & Sciences


E.   John L. Burmeister gave a tribute for John C. Wriston, Jr., Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


II.                 Remarks – David Roselle


With reference to the excellence of undergraduate students at the University of Delaware, Dr. Roselle noted the Truman scholarship competition in which the University of Delaware nominated three students and two of them won.  In comparison, Harvard, Princeton and Yale had one student winner each.  In the Goldwater scholarship competition UD nominated four students and three of them won.   Additionally, he noted that there will be a very strong entering class in the fall of 2005 with a higher academic profile than previous classes. 


Dr. Roselle presented a description of current projects involving the physical plant at the University of Delaware.  The Laird Residence Hall Complex was described.  Three dormitories will be built now with another dormitory pending for future construction should needs arise.  A projection of the “Pencader Steps” was shown.  Other projects completed or in progess were the Courtyard Marriott Hotel adjacent to Clayton Hall, the Foreign Languages Building which will contain 62 offices and labs, and the Paul R. Jones Art Collection.  A new project will soon be underway; Magnolia Circle, located between Memorial Hall and the Student Health Center on the Green will be transformed with new brick walkways, benches, and a water feature/fountain 24 feet across in the center.  Work on the Center for the Arts continues.  It will contain 250-seat and 450-seat concert halls with the potential for a 1,000-seat concert hall added to the structure in the future as funds become available.  Also, renovation of Brown Laboratory will be starting soon.


            The meeting adjourned at 4:16 PM.










































Monday, 11 April 2005

Meeting Minutes


104 Gore Hall                                                                                                      4:00 PM



Members excused: R. Hampel, J. Lewis, N. Nicholson, N. Targett, K. Theopold, S. McGeary


Members absent:  R. Nichols, S. Spence



I.                    Faculty Senate President Charles Boncelet called the meeting to order at 4:18 PM following the adjournment of the University of Delaware General Faculty Meeting.  An error in wording was corrected in the agenda.  In the agenda, on page 6, under VI. B., resolution number 4, the term, Freshmen, was replaced with the term, First Year.  This revision occurs twice, in line 4 of the first paragraph and in line 2 of the second paragraph of resolution 4.  The amended agenda was accepted unanimously.


II.                 The minutes of the meeting of March 7, 2005 were approved unanimously.


III.               Remarks were deferred by Provost Dan Rich.


IV.              Announcements - Senate President Charles Boncelet


A.     Jeff Jordan, chair of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) Committee, explained the multicultural recertification process.  Approximately 216 courses are on the multicultural course approval list.  A handout was distributed containing information on multicultural recertification.  The deadline for submission of courses for the second round of review is 1 October 2005.  It was explained that courses decertified in round 1 may be resubmitted to the UGS Committee for reconsideration in round 2.  Those courses decertified in round 2 and appealed will have to go back through the UGS Committee in three years.  The five criteria for multicultural recertification were reviewed.


B. C. Boncelet – The lecture on Privacy Issues presented by Professor Rosen was sponsored by the Faculty Senate.  President Boncelet urged attendance at these affairs in the future.


V.                 Items for information

The policy change for the Art History Ph.D. comprehensive exam was noted.


VI.              Consent agenda


A.  Announcements for challenge.  There were 15 announcements for challenge.  No items were pulled from the list and the vote was unanimous in favor.


B.   Resolutions.  There were 7 resolutions,  Resolution number 4 was pulled from the group.  Vote on the remaining resolutions was unanimous in approval.  Senator E. Rise requested further information on Resolution no. 4.  In response, President Boncelet stated that Martha Carouthers will present further information on Gen Ed at the next FacSen meeting in May.  Resolution no. 4 was then approved unanimously by vote.


VII.                        Regular agenda


A.     Old business: None.


B.     New business: None.


VIII.                     Introduction of new business: None.


The meeting adjourned at 4:41 PM.



Dallas Hoover

Senate Secretary