University of Delaware

Faculty Senate

Meeting Minutes

1 March 2004


104 Gore Hall                                                                                                         4:00 PM


Members excused:  , C. Boncelet, M. Buell, M. Dement, C. Denson, J. Firestone,  R.  Hampel, E. Kaler, D. Lehman, B. Miller, D. Miller, S. Pollack, T. W. Fraser Russell, C. Thoroughgood, I Vogel, L. Ware


Members absent: T. Angell, P Chapman, D. Green,  K. Heinen, B. Krakower, P. Oneill,



I.                    Karen Stein convened the meeting and stated that there was a change in the meeting’s agenda.  Under Old Business, the Recommendation from the Committee on Promotions and Tenure will continue to be tabled.  This item will be dealt with in the next Faculty Senate Meeting.  The revised agenda was approved unanimously.


II.                 The minutes of the meeting of February 1, 2004 were approved unanimously.


III.               Remarks from Provost Dan Rich.  Provost Rich highlighted recent activities in the arts and humanities at the University of Delaware.  He also reflected that UD hosted the Provosts of the CAA, the Colonial Academic Alliance, last week.  He mentioned the formation on the Committee on Digitization, an effort organized to standardize and facilitate images in digital form for instruction as well as deal with associated intellectual properties on campus.  He also noted upcoming speakers at UD.


IV.              Announcements from Karen Stein. 


A.      The Faculty Senate Committee on Welfare and Privileges is working on expanding the policy documents related to sexual harassment to include all forms of discrimination.  These changes are necessary in order to bring us into compliance with state and federal laws.


                  B.  In follow-up from our last meeting regarding the perceived need to                                 improve recycling on        campus, Jim Brophy met with COCAN.  It was                                    determined that an ad    hoc committee will be formed: 1.) To research and                                     compare recycling programs at other universities; 2.) To make                                       recommendations of costs and benefits of recycling; and 3.) To set                                            realistic goals as to how an improved UD recycling program be                                                 implemented.  Volunteers for this ad hoc committee are                                                           being solicited; interested parties should contact Carmine Balascio (chair                                    of COCAN,


C.                 The reminder was made that the Faculty Senate May election is fast                         approaching.  There still is a need for vice-president candidates.  It was              noted that the vice-president does not automatically succeed the president.         The vice-president office is a separate position.  The president-elect                  succeeds the president.  Interested individuals should see Carmine                           Balascio.  In addition, COCAN needs interested people to run for two at-                      large positions.



V.                  Consent agenda.


                  A.  Announcements for challenge.  Twenty-four recommendations were                              listed.  There was no challenge.  All passed.


B.  Resolutions.  There were three resolutions.  There was no challenge.  All                        passed.


VI.              Regular agenda.


A.     Old business:  None.  The item was removed.


B.     New business:  None.


VII.            Introduction of new business:  None.


       The meeting was adjourned at 4:20 PM.



Respectfully submitted,


Dallas Hoover

Faculty Senate secretary