December 7, 2009 – 104 Gore Hall




I.                   Adoption of the Agenda



II.                Approval of the Minutes: November 2, 2009



III.             Remarks: Deputy Provost Havidan Rodriguez for Provost Tom Apple. On November 1st the Institute for Global Studies, a part of the University’s Path to Prominence, was established to expand international partnerships. The Institute is housed in Elliott Hall and reports to Deputy Provost Rodriguez. The institute is currently involved in four initiatives: enhancing the study abroad program, establishing research grants and contracts, enhancing global partnerships, and developing community engagement and outreach.  A new website is being created by the Office of Communication and Management for the Institute for Global Studies. A council for global studies is being formed with representation from all colleges and other organizations on campus.

The University of Delaware has had discussion with South Korea to establish academic programs in the Incheon Free Economic Zone.  South Korea plans to fund and develop a global university campus; currently seven United State universities are looking to collaborate.  South Korean students would spend three years at the South Korea campus and then one year at UD. Currently, a marketing and feasibility study funded by South Korea is underway by UD.

Currently, the Office of the Provost conducts Annual Periodic Reviews (APRs) for department not externally accredited. The Office of the Provost has proposed to move the reviews to the college level. This has been discussed with the deans. In addition, APRs of the colleges will be initiated; these reviews will be conducted by the office of the Provost.

Advisement for undergraduates at UD is very diverse among departments. In the past, outside reviewers have made comments that undergraduate advisement is not consistent at UD. The Provost’s Executive Committee is having discussions about improving undergraduate advisement. One item under consideration is that students may be required to obtain advisor’s permission before registering for classes.


IV.              Announcements: Senate President Cihan Cobanoglu. The University recently announced that a pilot study is underway with students with Google Apps and Gmail. The students maintained their email address and UD branding.  Using Gmail will permit students to keep their address for life. This will allow academic units to maintain contact easier with graduates. Pilot students currently are enrolled, and a roll out for all students is planned for the spring semester. The Faculty Senate committee, Instructional, Computing, and Research Support Services (ICRSS) chaired by Fred Hofstetter, will review the planned move to Gmail. Dr. Cobanoglu will get more information on how the decision to move to Gmail was made and what are the future plans for Gmail.  Dr. Hofstetter made an open invitation for senators to attend the ICRSS meeting December 10 at 3:00 in Studio C of Pearson Hall.

Dr. Cobanoglu announced that it has been a time consuming process converting Faculty Senate minutes into a searchable database website.  The site should be available in the spring semester in D-Space.

Maureen Querey – Manager, Office of Equity and Inclusion. This newly formed office offers training across all areas of diversity for employees and students. The office currently is focused on four areas: women affairs; the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community; diversity; and affirmative action. The Office is developing its mission and goals, and works with Human Resources for recruitment and retention. The Office reports to Vice President of Administration J.J. Davis. Students feeling they have been harassed or assaulted should contact the office. The website is


V.                 Item for Information:  Breadth Requirement Memo (attachment)


VI.              Consent Agenda


    1. Announcements for Challenge: 


1.      Recommendation from the Faculty Senate Committee on Graduate Studies (Robert Opila, Chair) with the concurrence of the Coordinating Committee on Education (John Madsen, Chair) and the Executive Committee (Cihan Cobanoglu, Chair) for the request to add a Non Thesis option to the MS in Bioresources Engineering (attachment)




VII.           Regular Agenda:


A.     Unfinished Business: None


B.     New Business: None


C.     Resolutions


1.      Recommendation from the Faculty Senate Committee on Graduate Studies (Robert Opila, Chair) and the Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies (Beth Morling, Chair) with the concurrence of the Coordinating Committee on Education (John Madsen, Chair) and the Executive Committee (Cihan Cobanoglu, Chair) for the request to add a 4+1 program in Civil and Environmental Engineering (attachment)


Whereas,          the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has

offered successful programs leading toward the Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree and the Bachelor of Environmental Engineering degree, providing graduates with the skills needed to enter the profession at an entry level, and


Whereas,          the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has offered a separate and successful Master of Civil Engineering degree, providing students with more advanced training in their chosen field of specialty, and


Whereas,          industry is demanding more advanced training and education of our engineering students and there is a need to provide alternative, cost-effective, and accelerated programs for obtaining the Masters degree in Civil Engineering, and


Whereas,          a 4+1 Bachelors/Masters program will provide students with the advanced skills needed in a shorter amount of time, be it therefore


Resolved,         that the Faculty Senate recommends that a new 4+1 program be established provisionally for five years that will allow students to complete the Bachelor of Civil/Environmental Engineering and the Master of Civil Engineering degrees concurrently.    




VIII. Introduction of New Business


Such items as may come before the Senate.  (No motion introduced under new business, except a motion to refer to committee, shall be acted upon until the next meeting of the Senate.)



A senator asked for an explanation of the role of the Faculty Senate in the APRs and the procedures involved in the review process at a future meeting.  


A senator asked for the Faculty Senate to investigate handicap access to the lower floor classroom of Mitchell Hall. A University committee has been formed that will go building by building on campus to see what is needed to make buildings handicap accessible.

Adjourned: 5:00

Submitted by Donald Lehman