Meeting Minutes

 November 3, 2008

Memorial Hall                                                                                                                           4:00 pm


Members excused:



I.                   Adoption of the Agenda



II.                Approval of the Minutes: October 6, 2008



III.             Remarks: Amy Johnson announced that the University’s organizational chart is online ( Provost Dan Rich announced that the First Year Experience (FYE) program is working on a pilot involving 23 sessions. A full report will come to the senate.

In the past, The University of Delaware had a highly centralized budgeting system; most allocations were made by the Office of the Provost. Allocations were rigid, and money had to be used in a particular way and had to be spent or it would be lost. In 1996-97, the UD restructured the budget to be moderately centralized. The University is now moving towards a decentralized system: removing additional limitations on the use of funds and tracking revenue sources and policy (decision-making) changes. July 1, 2009 starts a new system—responsibility-based budgeting.

A.     Presentation on Responsibility-Based Budgeting (RBB): Vice President for Finance Robert Specter. RBB is a philosophy of financial management based on a decentralized budget that supports academic priorities and aligns authority, responsibilities, and accountability for revenues and expenditures. It is driven by incentives to generate greater revenues and operate more effectively and efficiently. Features of RBB include 1) revenues are allocated to colleges, 2) costs allocated to colleges, 3) local decisions within the UD context, and 4) freedom to apply net resources. Not all programs will generate enough revenue to be self-sustaining. Subvention will fund those activities that do not produce revenue stream. Funds to support these activities may come from $45 million set aside in the University budget (to allow budgets to balance) and funds may also be available from the President’s office. Algorithms used in the new budgeting system will be online next week. Rules and algorithms will be changed if progress adjustments are needed.

B.     Presentation on University Communications & Marketing: David Brond. The Office of Communication and Marketing is the name for the old office of Public Relations. A new name was needed because the office will do more than just public relations. The Office will be the “spokesperson” for the University, focusing on building ties between units on campus; enhancing local, national, and international image; developing and administering polices and procedures that protect the UD brand; and providing a one stop resource for UD related communications and marketing. The phrase “Path to Prominence” is trademarked and owned by UD. The University earned $212,000 in royalties for University licensed products last year; the money goes to scholarships. The UD Messenger has been redesigned and is mailed to 140,000 alumni and friends. Based on monthly averages, the number of page views of the University website is up 4.5%. The increase is likely due to search engine technologies and links from other organizations. Ud1-news (831-6397) is a 24 hour news and information phone line.

C.     Dean of Students: George Brelsford. Dr. Brelsford worked 21 years at Rowan University before coming to UD. His responsibilities include dealing with student problems that do not fit elsewhere, giving advice, developing policies, being an advocate for students, and problem solving. His goal is to work with students to create solutions and to be a “sounding board” for faculty in solving student related problems. He can meet with students outside Judicial Affairs. The faculty is encouraged to send students to him when appropriate. George can be reached at 831-7242, and his office is in room 120 Hullihen Hall.


IV.              Announcements: Senate President Amy Johnson Welcomed Dr. Ben Yagoda’s journalism class. The Breadth requirement report is due at the December meeting of the Faculty Senate. Matt Robinson reported on Residence Life. The Student Life Committee is required by the Faculty Senate to perform an evaluation of the current program. A survey of students will be administered in December, and open forums for students will be held. A commercial survey instrument will be used to evaluate the fall semester program, and the report will be returned in mid-January. The results of the evaluation will be presented at the February Faculty Senate meeting.

As a result of a motion made at the last Faculty Senate meeting, the UD Transfer Policy has been sent to the Undergraduate Studies Committee for review and comment. The Policy will be brought to the Faculty Senate.


V.                 Consent Agenda


    1. Announcements for Challenge:  None


VI.              Regular Agenda


1.   Resolutions


a.       Recommendation from the Faculty Senate Committee on Rules (Don Lehman, Chair) with the concurrence of the Executive Committee (Amy Johnson, Chair) to amend the Faculty Handbook – Section I: Organization of the Faculty – Bylaws and Regulations of the University Faculty Senate: III Standing Committee System of the Faculty and its Senate – General Education Committee


Whereas,    the Charge of the Standing Committee on General Education states: This committee shall consist of 15 members, including the “Director of the Office of Undergraduate Studies,” and


Whereas,    the position of Director of the Office of Undergraduate Studies has been eliminated, and


Whereas,    the Faculty Senate Committee on Rules recommends the “Provost or Designee” replace “Director of the Office of Undergraduate Studies,” as is stated in the charge of the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies, be it therefore


Resolved,   that the Charge of the General Education Committee be amended to read: “Provost or Designee”



    1. Old Business:  None


    1. New Business: None



VII.     Introduction of New Business

Such items as may come before the Senate.  (No motion introduced under new business, except a motion to refer to committee, shall be acted upon until the next meeting of the Senate.)

A senator asked if the University plans to raise the minimum grade point average needed for graduation. Dr. Dan Rich answered no.

A senator commented that the requirement for a Discovery Learning Experience (DLE) course was postponed last year, and he requested an update on the DLE requirement. Dr. Johnson said that a report would be given at an upcoming meeting.

A senator asked that an Islamic holiday be added to the University calendar. Dr. Johnson will a send request to the Registrar’s Office.



Adjourned 5:30.

Submitted by Donald Lehman