Meeting Minutes

7 November 2005


104 Gore Hall                                                                                      4:00 pm


Members excused: L. Duggan, T. Evans, K. Stein, J. Stoner


I.                    Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

II.                 Approval of the Minutes

The meeting minutes of 10 October 2005 were approved.

III.               Remarks


·        Dan Rich, Provost. Remarked that the University of Delaware is more diverse than ever before and is committed to become more diverse. Diversity is a dimension of education quality for the University of Delaware. Dr. Rich introduced Terry Whittaker, Assistant Provost.

·        Terry Whittaker, Assistant Provost—“Institutionalizing Diversity within the University of Delaware: College by College, Department by Department.” The University’s goal is to increase diversity and institutionalize diversity at the University of Delaware. One goal of the Provost’s office is Structural diversity: to increase student diversity and success regardless of background. A number of initiatives are in progress including the Paul Jones art collection. University of Delaware Office of Student Diversity and Success was created in 2003 by Dr. Dan Rich. Students of color represent 15-16% of freshman class.

·        James Jones, Director of Black American Studies Program and professor of psychology. The BAMS web site was recently created and is located at Currently, the University offers a minor in BAMS, there are plans to offer a major by 2007. BAMS is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences.

·        Wunyabari Maloba, Chair of the President’s Commission on Diversity and professor of history. The Commission meets with chairs and deans. The aim of the Commission is to monitor the diversity climate at the University: how are students treated and are they successful, hiring faculty of color, mentoring of junior faculty, recruitment of graduate students. The Commission serves as an advisory function to the President.


IV.              Announcements by Senate President Avron Abraham: none


V.                 Consent Agenda

A.     Announcements for Challenge: none

B.     Resolutions: Recommendation from Senator Carroll Izard with the concurrence of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (Avron Abraham, chair) to commend President David P. Roselle for his accomplishments at the University of Delaware.


A friendly amendment was made by Araya Debessay. The resolution passed.

VI.              Regular Agenda

A.     Old Business: none

B.     New Business: none


VII.            Introduction of New Business



Adjourned 5:10


Submitted by Donald Lehman