University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies

Monday, November 12, 2012

11:00 1:00 p.m. Faculty Senate Conference Room 011D Hullihen Hall



I. Old Business:

II. New Business:

a. 0187 - Accepting high school personal finance for purposes of admission Not a lot of support for this issue.

b. 0176 - Diversity questions for UD course evaluations Maggie Andersen came to the meeting to discuss the various questions that are college wide on evaluations. The committee discussed this and decided that they will invite Gabrielle and Deb from CTE to a future meeting.

c. 0181 - Revision to the Philosophy major (revised attachment) - APPROVED

d. 0185 - Revision to the 4 +1 program in Accounting - MS (attachment) APPROVED

e. 0188 Revise concentration: BA Interpersonal Communication (attachment) APPROVED

f. 0189 Revise concentration: BA Mass Communication (attachment) APPROVED

g. 0190 Revise Major: BS Psychology (attachment) APPROVED

h. 0191 Request to add a new Major: Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (attachment) APPROVED

i. Review of Draft Policy on Use of Online Technology and Online Course Formats (will be circulated at the meeting) - Did not get to this item. Will discuss at next meeting.


III. Other:

IV. Adjournment