Undergraduate Studies Committee

Meeting of March 3, 2004


     Present: Michael Arenson, Doug Buttrey, John Courtright, Joseph DiMartile, Louis Hirsh, Amy Johnson, Thomas Leitch, David Marshall, James Morrison, Charles Pavitt.


     The meeting began at 1:30 p.m. with the approval of the minutes from the preceding meeting. The Committee commenced its discussion of Old Business by unanimously agreeing (6-0-0) to a one-year extension approving Multicultural status for GEOG 367: Natural Area Management Issues in Tasmania for the Winter 05 term only, and passing (8-0-0) catalog changes proposed by the Department of Music, including a request to add Harp to the list of instruments eligible for the Concentration in Performance—Principal Instruments. A revised proposal to revise the B.A. in Secondary Mathematics Education was also approved (8-0-0), as was a proposal to revise the B.A. in Psychology provided that the Note currently concluding the discursive description be amended by adding the italicized phrase to the following sentence: “A number of courses (e.g, 301, 303, 325, 334) will continue to be offered as ‘service’ courses (mainly for non-majors) on a regular basis.

     A proposal from the Sociology Department for a new Concentration in Emergency and Environmental Management was returned to the department because (1) it lacked approval from representatives of departments besides Sociology whose courses will be required for the new program and (2) one of the Sociology courses proposed as a requirement, SOCI 367: Issues in Emergency Management, has neither been granted permanent status nor is on this year’s challenge list as seeking such status and can therefore not serve as a required course.

     After an extended discussion, the Committee voted 8-0-0 to approve permanent certification for the Southern Delaware Elementary Teacher Education Program University of Delaware/Milford School District Professional Development School on two conditions: (1) the program title be changed to Southern Delaware Elementary Teacher and Special Education Program University of Delaware/Milford School District Professional Development School; and (2) all requirements for the program be listed under the title “Degree: Bachelor of Science in Education/Major: Elementary Teacher Education and Special Education”) in the catalog immediately following the listing for the B.S. in Elementary Teacher Education (p. 242 of the 2003-2004 catalog).

     In the only two items of New Business, the Committee voted 8-0-0 to approve proposed revisions to the B.S. and the Honors B.S. in Leadership and Consumer Economics.

     After a brief discussion of possible strategies for revising the Multicultural requirement and responding to the General Education report, the Committee agreed to meet from 1:30 to 3:30 Wednesday, March 17, when the agenda will be given over entirely to these two items, before adjourning at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Leitch