Meeting #18   1 March 05, 3pm




John A. Courtright      Louis L. Hirsh          

Tom Johnston            David L. Marshall  

Charles E. Mason        Charles Pavitt         

Jeff Jordan



AGENDA: revised & approved.


MINUTES: approved.




a.  Revision of an existing major : Accelerated nursing program


Don Lehman will be invited to the next UGSC meeting to discuss this proposal.  Tabled until the next meeting.


b.  Revision of an existing major: Athletic Training





c.  Revision to the existing major in Fashion Merchandising




d.  Revision to the existing major in Apparel Design





      e. Revision to existing major in Computer Science.












1. Discussion that committee members should email the chair with a list of the courses (including the course number) that their review team reviewed as part of the multicultural recertification process.  This is to ensure that all relevant courses have been reviewed.


2. The Committee discussed the issue of FYEs.  John Courtright will draft a resolution granting UGSC the authority to certify courses as FYEs.  This resolution will be circulated via e-mail for fine-tuning, and committee approval.


3. The committee discussed the New Course Review process.  Assignments will be made via e-mail the week of March 1, to the existing Review teams (review pairs).


4. Miscellaneous assignments:


     A. Charlie will email the letter regarding LING102.


     B. Chuck will email the “New Course Checklist.”


     C. John will draft & email the resolution.


5. Next meeting: Wed, March 9, 4pm.  Hullihen 105.