Minutes of Meeting 15  (1 FEB 2005)




Douglas J. Buttrey     John A. Courtright     

Ted Davis              Joseph DiMartile       

Louis L. Hirsh         Tom Johnston           

David L. Marshall      Charles E. Mason       

Charles Pavitt         Jeff Jordan




Next Meeting: Thursday, Feb 10, 4pm, location TBA.



I. Proposals Approved:


A. Revision of Existing Major - Political Science



B. Revision of Bachelor of Arts Major, Political

   Science - Concentration in AP, GS, PJ, PL, PPPA


C. Revision of Existing Minor - POSC (remove POSC 300

   from Minor).


II. Business Postponed until 2/10 meeting:


a.  Request to change the name of a major: Family and Community Services to Human Services

1.  Request to revise and change the name of a concentration: Human Services to Clinical Services

2.  Request to revise and change the name of a concentration: Family Research to Administration & Family Policy


b. Revision to the Concentration in Agricultural Technology and Education / Agricultural and Natural Resource Education 


c. Revision to the Concentration in Agricultural Technology  and Education / Technology Education





III. Discussion of Multicultural Recertification:



     A. 19 of the 72 courses submitted for recertification

        did not pass the initial round of review. 

        Additional information will be sought from the

        submitters of these 19 courses as a way of

        resolving, if possible, the questions and concerns

        had about the courses by reviewers.  This

        opportunity to “revise and resubmit” serves as an

        appeal step.


     B. Reviewers will draft clarification letters

       (emails).  These drafts are to be vetted at the

        2/10 meeting.


     C. Technical questions concerning the revision process

        were discussed.  Ms. Mary Jo Mankin of the

        Registrar’s office will be consulted in this



     D. The vagueness of the five criteria was discussed

        (“significant” in particular).


     E. Variable topics courses will be approved only if

        each variation is specified and meets three of the

        five criteria (in effect, each variation is treated

        as a separate submission for the purposes of

        determining whether the course itself passes



     F. The committee believes that the Fac. Senate should

        require that each approved M/C course

        state on its syllabus which of the five criteria

        the course meets.