Excellence in All That We Do

Outstanding scholarship (individual faculty)

-          Success in peer-reviewed competitive Federal grant  and foundation proposals

-          Publication in top (by impact factor and % published) peer-reviewed journals

-          Invited talks at prestigious universities and at national conferences

-          Citations

-          Shows/exhibits at prominent locales, books published by prominent university presses

-          Thought leadership (asked to speak to Congress, press in NYT etc)

-          Membership on invited review panels

Outstanding scholarship (units)

-          Training of high quality PhD students (and post-docs) who are placed in academic positions

-          Federal funding per faculty member is high

-          Attract high-quality students at graduate and undergraduate level

-          Successfully win first-choice highest quality hires

-          Large multi-PI grants awarded (such as recent EFRC)

-          Units receive high-ranking (NRC, USN&WR)

Academic Rigor

-           Challenging and engaging curriculum

o        Discovery learning

o        Capstones

o        Interactive

o        Problem-based

o        Frequent mandatory student performance (tests, talks, papers)

-          Good outcomes measures – VSA criteria, critical thinking etc.

-          Intensive writing as scholarship (one course per year?)

-          Oral and visual communication skills

-          Experiential learning

o        Research

o        Service Learning

o        Study away

o        Internships co-ops

-          Course GPA’s commensurate with student quality

-          Students winning prestigious national awards (Rhodes, Marshall etc.)

-          Students accepted into top graduate programs

-          Students placed in good jobs