University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies


March 7, 2007


180 S. College Avenue 3:30 5:00 p.m.






I.                   Old Business:


a.                   Challenge List

a.                   New BS in Psychology (attachment) (attachment)

b.                  Latin American Studies (attachment revised 3-1-07) (attachment 3-1-07)

c.                   Request to revise the minor in German Studies (attachment)

d.                  Request to add a major in Mathematics Education (attachment) (attachment) (attachment 3-7-07)


II.                New Business:


a.                   PSPR for B.S. in Information Systems (CIS) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)

b.                  Delete three interest areas from the Human Services, Education and Public Policy Major (attachment) (attachment)