Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2006


104 Gore Hall                                                                                      4:00 pm


Members excused:


I.      Adoption of the Agenda: Approved with one change, Dan Rich deferred making comments until the November Faculty Senate meeting.

I.      Approval of the Minutes:  September 18, 2006 Approved after a friendly amendment.

II.      Announcements: Senate President Dallas Hoover

Sir John Meurig Thomas will give a lecture on the topic of “Faraday and Franklin” October 13 at 4:00 pm in Mitchell Hall.

III.      Consent Agenda

A.     Announcements for Challenge:  None

B.     Resolutions: None

IV.      Regular Agenda

A.     Old Business:  None 

B.     New Business: None 

V.      Introduction of New Business

Such items as may come before the Senate.  (No motion introduced under new business, except a motion to refer to committee, shall be acted upon until the next meeting of the Senate.)


Adjourned 4:30.

Submitted by Donald Lehman



104 Gore Hall

9 October 2006

3:30 pm

I.           Memorial Tributes

A.     Sylvia Farnham-Diggory, (H. Rodney Sharp Professor Emeritus, School of Education) by Bob Hampel.

B.     Arthur Metzner (College of Engineering) by Frazier Russell.

C.     Paul Meckley (Department of Animal and Food Sciences) by William Saylor.

D.     John Andrew Munroe (Department of History) by Raymond Wolters.  A memorial service will be held October 15 at 3:00 pm in the Center for the Arts.

II.         Remarks by Dr. David Roselle

Construction projects recently completed include the George Reed, Thomas McKean, and James Smith dormitories at the Laird Campus.  Also, lights were replaced and paving completed at the Laird Campus. The Center for the Arts is open and operational.  The building at 461 Wyoming Road was renovated for the Department of Accounting and extension people. The air conditioning system at the Delaware Field House was renovated.  An addition was added to the Football Offices.  Additional renovations completed were in Smith Hall for Computer and Information Services, Raymond Field, and the Rust Ice arena for the Human Performance Laboratory.

Renovations in progress include Brown Laboratory, the multimedia center in Morris Library, the west end stands of Raymond Field, and the Robinson Hall roof.

Renovations to Russell Complex, Institute of Energy Conversion, and the Academy Building are planned.  A new building on S. College Avenue for Enrollment Services Admission, Registrar’s Office, and Financial Aid, a new undergraduate sciences building on Lovett Avenue facing Academy Street, and a parking garage behind Pearson Hall are also planned. Construction on the fourth dormitory of the Laird Hall Residence complex is scheduled to begin March 2007 with a planned opening of fall 2008.