University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies


Thursday, November 16, 2006 180 S. College Avenue

(Faculty Senate Conference Room)


2:00 4:30 p.m.





I.                    Old Business:

a.       Multicultural Three Year Rule Revisit the three year resubmission rule Voted to eliminate the three year rule.


b. Group Requirements for BA Degrees Dean Tom Apple will attend the December 14th meeting to address the committee


II.                 New Business:


a.       Request for a revision to the minor in Wildlife Conservation (attachment)



b.      Request for a revision to the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering BME (attachment)



c.       Request for the addition of a Biomedical Engineering minor and deleting the Biomedical Engineering Concentration within Mechanical Engineering (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)



III. Other: The next two meetings were set for December 7th and the 14th at2:00 p.m.