University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies


December 9, 2008 2:30 4:30 p.m.


University Visitor Center Conference Room 201





I.                    Old Business:


a.         Restricted Majors at University of Delaware (attachment)

b.        Request to revise Minor to include an option with language: International Business Minor/International Business Minor w/ Language (attachment) (attachment)

c.         Request to add a Minor: International Business Studies (attachment) (attachment)

d.        Request to revise a Minor in Business Administration (attachment) (attachment)

e.         Update on Status of Multicultural Course Reviews

f.          Update on Status of DLE Course Reviews

g.         Update on Status of FYE Course Reviews


II.                 New Business:


a.         Request to add a new Major: BS Neuroscience (attachment)

b.        Request to add a new Minor: Dance (attachment)

c.         Revision to the BS Psychology Major (attachment)

d.        Revision to the BS Chemistry Major (attachment)

e.         Revision to the BA Chemistry Major (attachment)

f.          Revision to the BA Chemistry Major (XCE) (attachment)

g.         Revision to the BS Biochemistry Major (attachment)

h.         Request to add a minor in Human Development and Family Studies (attachment)

i.           Request to revise Concentration/Policy Change (attachment)

j.          Request to revise the major in Fashion Merchandising ( attachment)

k.        Request to add a minor in Fashion History and Culture (attachment)

l.           Request to revise Apparel Design Major (attachment)

m.       Request to add a minor in Urban Education ( attachment)

n.         Request to revise Elementary Teacher Education Major (attachment)

o.        Request to revise Educational Studies Minor (attachment)

p.        Request to revise the degree requirements in Finance (attachment)

q.        Request to revise the Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree program (attachment)

r.          Request to revise the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree program (attachment)


III.               Other:


I.                    Adjournment: